KINTSUGI meets Digital Technology

SCHEDULE Sat 18 Mar 2017 / 14:00 - 16:00
PRICE 1,500円
Including 1 drink

How can our devices grow, decay, or help us to care for our minds, bodies and souls?

“Kintsugi”  is Japanese art form in which breaks and repairs are seen as part of the object's past. In this event, we will the explore meaningfulness through traditional Japanese art form and embedded technology.

Vanessa Julia Carpenter, a designer and artist, originally from Vancouver, Canada who now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, will host a workshop at FabCafe. (Vanessa as artist:, Vanessa as Technology Experience Designer: Vanessa will be joined by Dzl, an inventor from FabLab RUC and Kurovsya who is a Kintsugi artisan from Tokyo.

Krovsha will demonstrate Kintsugi and by the same token introduce the beauty of this traditional art. We will also explore the properties of traditional craft and technology by putting technology on the ceramics and demonstrating what is possible --- Sound, light, vibration, etc. as output for the touching of the ceramics.


1. Introductions

2. Kintsugi performance by Kurovsya 

Kurovsya will explain what Kintsugi is and show Kintsugi performance

3. Technology + Kintsugi by Vanessa & Dzl 
Vanessa & Dzl will put technology on the ceramics and demonstrating what is possible. Sound, light, vibration, etc. as output for the touching of the ceramics.

4. Play + experiment 
Participants create their own interactions, sound, light, or vibration.

5. Discussion 
What did you learn? What are you missing and would like to see?

Who is it for?

For Makers and Artists who incorporates or is thinking of incorporating electronics into your work, or exploring traditional craft. Also for those exploring mindfulness.

How to attend

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Vanessa Julia Carpenter

Vanessa moved to Scandinavia to complete a Master’s of Interaction Design at Malmo University in Sweden. She then joined the Collaborative Interactive Arts Studio: illutron, a floating maker space in Denmark and amidst fire cannons, submarines, dancers, and computer controlled lights, sounds and robots, she has contributed to creating a network and community of Makers, tinkerers, nerds, thinkers, and creatives throughout Scandinavia. She has her own company with her partner, Dzl, “GeekPhysical”, and works at IdemoLab, DELTA with hardware prototyping in context. She is currently writing a PhD about designing for meaningfulness at Aalborg University, Copenhagen.



Dzl has worked on a huge number of exciting projects including radio and electronics exploration and development, reverse engineering of a 1 ton ABB robot, navigation and control systems for a submarine, guidance system and pressure sensor for a rocket, working with high voltage projects, special effects and extensively with sound and electronic music, among much more.



Kintsugi Kurovsya (Rie Kurosawa)

Rie Kurosawa studied Kintsugi, golden joinery, and lacquer craft repairing techniques under an Urushi artist, Katsuya Shibata while working as a magazine editor and writer. In 2015, She launched Kurovsya and she's been studying a variety of techniques to improve her kintsugi skills.


Sat 18 Mar 201714:00 - 16:00

Price 1,500円
Including 1 drink
Place FabCafe MTRL MAP
Capacity 20

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