YouFab 2015 Award Ceremony & Special Talk

Come and join us to celebrate YouFab 2015 winners !
SCHEDULE Fri 22 Jan 2016 / 19:00 - 22:00
PRICE 2,000円
PLACE FabCafe Tokyo MAP

YouFab Global Creative Awards Ceremony and Special Talk Show!

We are happy to annouce the winners of the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015.

The winners of this 4th YouFab Global Creative Awards were selected by the following judges: Hiroya Tanaka, Keio University SFC Associate Professor and FabLabJapan founder; Yukiko Shikata, Creative Curator; Seiichi Saito, Rhizomatiks Creative & Technical Director; Luke Yeung, Principal of Architectkidd; Luki Huber, Product Designer; and Quake Hsu, co-founder of Zeczec.

During the submission period from July 1st to September 30th, 2015, 152 works from 26 countries were entered. Grand Prize, First Prize, and 23 Finalist works were selected from the entries.

FabCafe will hold an awards ceremony and talk show by the judges at FabCafe Tokyo. It will be a gathering of creators, manufacturers, cooperating companies, and judges. A valuable opportunity to hear about the latest Fab scene. Anybody is welcome to join!




Event program

○Awards ceremony

○Talk show by Hiroya Tanaka, Yukiko Shikata, and Seiichi Saito (moderated by Toshiya Fukuda, YouFab Award Chairman)

○Presentations by the winners



The winning works will be exhibited from January 23rd! 

FabCafe Tokyo will exhibit the winning works of YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015 from January 23rd to February 8th. There will be Grand Prize, First Prize, and 23 Finalist works selected from 152 entries from 26 countries. (A few works are excluded.)

YouFabGlobal Creative Awards 2014 Exhibition




Fri 22 Jan 201619:00 - 22:00

Price 2,000円
Place FabCafe Tokyo MAP
Capacity 80
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