YouFab 2017 Award ceremony & after party!

SCHEDULE Fri 09 Feb 2018 / 19:00 - 22:00
PRICE 2,000円
Including one drink and light food.

Cross talks are to be held featuring Amy Karle, YouFab 2017's grand prize winner, and the judges!


Digital fabrication, which is a way of making things using digital technology and machining tools.

After a few years following the sensational boom with the popularization of 3D printers, there have been considerable advances in making digital fabrication technology more accessible to the public, as well as in finding new applications for digital fabrication and integrating it in other fields.

2017 saw the emergence of many tech startups utilizing digital fabrication technology, which have been greatly influencing social structure and the economy, besides the world of technology. The boundaries of digital fabrication have also been rapidly expanding, making it increasingly difficult to capture in its entirety.

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2017 (YouFab) is a global award for digital fabrication held in FabCafe in order to translate the meaning of the ever-increasing field of digital fabrication for the world through the works submitted by creators around the world. 

YouFab has always been posed with the question regarding the future of digital fabrication and creativity.

YouFab's theme for this year is "Rock it!". Accordingly, it has been gathering works that show an audacious spirit, such as challenging, resisting, and hacking our common notion of things. The prize winners has been announced on January 9th.

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There will also be a public talk session featuring prize winners and judges, and a party held at 100BANCH in Shibuya, Tokyo on February 9th (Fri), 2018, as the final event for YouFab 2017. There is also going to be a presentation by Amy Karle, who won the grand prize for YouFab 2017!

It will be a great opportunity for creators, makers, sponsoring companies, and judges to talk about the current topics of Fab. Everyone can participate. Come and join us!


▲YouFab 2016 Award Ceremony from last year.

Presentation by Amy Karle

There will be a presentation and a cross talk session featuring Amy Karle, the winner of the grand prize for YouFab 2017. While Fab currently reaching the field of biotechnology, you will witness the unfolding of the future of the fundamental question for Fab, "creating something", and the relationship between life and technology.

Amy Karle

As the most prominent bio-artist, Amy Klare is deepening the meaning of what it means to be human through a theme of the human body by facilitating unique conversations about art, design, science, and technology.
She has a degree in art, design, and philosophy from Alfred University and Cornell University.
She is the co-founder of Conceptual Art Technologies. She has exhibited her works in over 46 exhibitions held around the world.



Leveraging the intelligence of human stem cells, she created “Regenerative Reliquary”, a bioprinted scaffold in the shape of a human hand design, 3D printed on the microscopic level in a biodegradable pegda hydrogel. The sculpture is installed in a bioreactor, with the intention that human Mesenchymal stem cells from an adult donor seeded onto that design will eventually grow into tissue and mineralize into bone along that scaffold.

Referencing the traditional presentation of relics in their reliquaries, “Regenerative Reliquary” is a finely detailed skeleton-like sculpture encased in the mechanical womb of a glass bioreactor. 



Hiroya Tanaka
Professor at Keio University, Representative of SFC Social Fabrication Lab


Julia Cassim
Professor at KYOTO Design Lab Kyoto Institute of Technology


Shiho Fukuhara
Co-Founder, BCL / CEO, Poiesis Labs


Toshiya Fukuda
777 Interactive Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Co-Founder of FabCafe


Event information


18:30 Doors Open

19:00~20:00 Award Ceremony, Winners presentations.

20:00~20:10 Break

20:10~21:30 Amy Karle’s Presentation and Cross talk with the judges

21:30~22:00 After Party
*Joining from the Presentation and Cross talk is also okay.

2,000JPY (Including one drink and light food.)
Capacity:100 ppl

〒150-0002 3-27-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/2 minutes walk from the New south exit of JR Shibuya station

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Fri 09 Feb 201819:00 - 22:00

Detail 18:30 Doors Open
Price 2,000円
Including one drink and light food.
Place 100 BANCH MAP
Capacity 100


Tokyo Shibuya
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  • Train:About 2 minutes on foot from JR Shibuya station New South Exit