FabCafe Hong Kong

From personal projects and work, group meetings, presentations,
and even prototyping, the space and tools are at your disposal.

Are you…

  • looking for a workspace that can be used even in the short term?
  • looking for space to have a meeting or give a presentation?
  • looking for a place to unwind after work?
  • looking for a place to work on a hobby or side-project?

Space / Rate plan

Feel free to use the space for even only a short period of time. Free admission and registration.

  • HKD 100 for 4 hours, including one standard drink.
  • HKD 200 for full day access, including one standard drink.

Available Area

  • 1F Lounge / 24 seats

  • 2F / Terrace / 7 seats

  • 2F / Workspace / 7 seats


The facilities and equipment you need to do your work comfortably are at your disposal here at FabCafe Hong Kong.

  • Power outlets · wifi
  • Large displays
  • Printer (additional fee required)
  • Prototyping materials (additional fee required)
  • Free Tools for free use

Are you…

  • interested in using 3D printers or laser cutters?
  • thinking about prototyping a new idea?
  • looking to get instant feedback and improve a design?


3D printer, laser cutter, and other digital manufacturing equipment are available and ready to use.

3D Scan* / 3D Print* / Laser Cut* / CNC Mill* / 3D Model*

*additional fee required
Free Tools 、Power Outlets( Wifi ) for free use

Laser Cut

HKD 100 / 30 mins

Triumph Laser Cutter [6090]

A high precision, compact-type laser engraving machine. Engrave and cut a variety of materials using data created in Illustrator and other vector programs.

  • Laser cutter platform size:w450x d300 x h300 mm
  • Supported materials: Wood, acrylic, leather, etc.
    Supported data: ai, dxf, svg Image

3D Print

HKD 100 / 30 mins

Makerbot 3D Printer ‘Replicator 2’

MakerBot’s 3D printer with a maximum layer pitch of 0.1mm for modelling.
PLA filament compatible.

  • Maximum print size:285 x 153 x 155 mm
  • Supported materials: PLA
  • Supported file formats: stl, obj

Makerbot 3D Printer ‘Replicator 5th Generation’

MakerBot’s 3D printer with a maximum layer pitch of 0.1mm for modelling.

  • PLA filament compatible. Maximum print size:252 x 199 x 150 mm
  • Supported materials: PLA
  • Supported file formats: stl, obj

CNC Mill

HKD 150 / 45 mins

Compact CNC Mill ‘Carvey’

  • A computer-controlled machine tool capable of three-dimensional milling.
  • Platform size:w294 x d203 x h63mm
  • Supported materials: resin, FRP, wood, etc.
  • Supported data: svg, gcode(※ Using Fusion360 is recommended)

In FabCafe HK, we serve nice coffee with digital fabrication machines.
Specialty coffee, tea, and taste baked goods are powerful allies to creative work.
Coffee start at 08:30 every morning. Let’s grab a cup of coffee on the way to work!

Exciting events held every week. Use the FabCafe space to share new ideas and projects,
host diverse network community clusters, or as a platform
for developing products and services.

  • Workshops

    Workshops to help you let your creativity grow and acquire the skill of to bring your ideas to life.

  • Makeathons

    With the materials laid out in front of you, use your brain and your hands to form new prototypes and possibilities.

  • Meetups

    Networking and presentation events with “create” as the theme, held every month.

※ If you are interested in holding an event at FabCafe Hong Kong, you can learn more about the rental spce here.

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