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Item description

You Fab 2013

You Fab is a laser cutter design contest conducted by FabCafe and Loftwork. For the second You Fab contest held in 2013, we called for design ideas based on the three design categories of A: Toys, B: Greeting Cards, and C: Party Outfits and Accessories, and we received many unique designs from all over the world.

Explanation of works:
I decided to focus on the three characters of paper—cutting, folding, writing—for this card design. By cutting semicircles into it and bending alternate pieces from the middle, you can make a three-dimensional celestial globe, on which you can write messages, draw stars. There are so many ways to have fun with this, including making a three-dimensional replica of any spherical object such as fruit, planets, or balls.


How to make it:

▼What you will need:
●Laser cutter data (You can download this from the link below)
●One A4 size sheet of paper

▼How to fabricate and construct it:
1. Based on the laser cutter data that you downloaded, use the laser cutter to cut out and engrave the paper of your choice.
※When using the laser cutter, please use the following guide for the various lines shown on the data.
(Red lines=cut; Green paint=engraved)
※The strength setting of the laser depends on the type of paper used. Test the settings using the edges of the paper to find the correct setting for your paper.

Be sure to read before purchasing design data:
*Please carefully read the the Precaution Statement and agree to them before completing your purchase.
*Once you have purchased the data, please note that you can download as many times for a 30-day period only. * Payment can be made using PayPal only. Payment is to be made to Loftwork Inc.

We currently don't have data for sale.


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