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Item description

You Fab 2013

You Fab is a laser cutter design contest conducted by FabCafe and Loftwork. For the second You Fab contest held in 2013, we called for design ideas based on the three design categories of A: Toys, B: Greeting Cards, and C: Party Outfits and Accessories, and we received many unique designs from all over the world.

Explanation of works:
This kite is a paper recycling project. The idea is that people can use this template to create their own kite with their own favorite paper or with old paper, poster, decoration paper, etc... This shape is created with two different forms and three parts assembled. Plus two sticks / 4 mm of diameter and strings for the montage.

How to make it:

▼What you will need:
●Laser cutter data (You can download this from the link below)
●Three sheets of paper (Dimensions: 394mm x545mm / Any type of paper is ok)
●Kite string (any length)
●Round sticks made from Ramin wood (diameter 4mm x 910mm in length) x 2 sticks

▼How to fabricate and construct it:
1. Based on the laser cutter data that you downloaded, use the laser cutter to cut out the parts from the paper of your choice.
※When using the laser cutter, please use the following guide for the various lines shown on the data.
(Red lines=cut; Blue lines=perforated)
※The intensity setting of the laser depends on the type of paper used. Test the settings using the edges of the paper to find the correct setting for your paper.

2. Download the design plan from here, and construct the kite using the cut out paper, wooden sticks, and kite string.

Be sure to read before purchasing design data:
*Please carefully read the Precaution Statement and agree to them before completing your purchase.
* Once you have purchased the data, you can download as many times during the specified time period.



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