Event Report

Lasercut Projects Made by the Community

So what can you do with the lasercutter? Our bright red lasercutter is a Universal lasercutter known for its speed and ability to engrave and cut through materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, acrylic, corks, and certain metals. At 60W, this CO2 lasercutter and its attached HEPA filter is equivalent to the Ferrari of lasercutters.

Not that it matters, at the end of the day what we care most is that our community can use this Ferrari to drive their projects forward. Whether its used for rapid prototyping of a product, a proof-of-concept test for their business ideas, or simply a gift they want to customise for their loved ones, our lasercutter delivers the mileage and takes a back seat in letting the products tell the story. Here are some of our favourite lasercut projects, designed and made lovingly by the community at our cafe at the ArtScience Museum. 

Lasercut and Laser Engraved Brooch

Lasercut_FabCafe One of our customers is a wonderful human being. In the day, he helps people with their back aches. One day, he had an idea to create a brooch so people can jazz up their outfit and use it to hold their scarves in place easily. Rather than using the usual brooch pins, he decided to experiment with magnets. So he learnt how to design and made a few prototypes with our lasercutter. We played around with different materials, explored ways to encase the magnets together, and even tried using coins to hold the magnet in place! It's still a work in progress, and he's constantly iterating. 


p.s. If you know a good patent attorney in Singapore, please hit us up!
p.p.s. If you're interested to get hold of this product, reach out to us hello@fabcafe.sg and we'll be happy to put you in touch with this magnetic brooch maestro! 




Lasercut Acrylic Coasters

We've always known we've got a special team. What makes this even more special is that our Barista, Intan surprised us with her coaster designs one day. Check out the way the coasters look when stacked, and those cool edgy designs that reminds us of our fascination with speed, Beyblades, and childhood spent with Sonic the Hedgehog.