Building Innovative Teams

What does it mean to be innovative? Companies often mistake innovation and technology to mean anything digital. Yet we often forget, at the heart of most problem solving, is our innate ability as humans to think, adapt, and use tools.  

What does it mean to think creatively? What is a tool? Can innovation be taught? We believe that creativity and the ability to innovate is innate in us humans. Yet why is it that not all of us 'feel creative'? We believe if given the right environment and exposure, we can feel empowered and be our best. 

Our workshops and tours are designed to: 

  • introduce and expose people to the latest fabrication methods and technologies used in different industries
  • create an environment for teams to face and tackle problems they usually encounter in their work
  • have fun in a relaxing and beautiful cafe setting, and engage with the people who can bring out your best 


In an increasingly fast paced world, technology, creativity, and empathy are our greatest tools to help us understand and solve complex problems. FabCafe wants to help teams discover what they can do with new technologies, creative ways of thinking, and feel empowered with what they're capable of. 

We've held workshops and tours with teams from


What people say about our workshops


"delightful and insightful! Something out of the norm of what (we) will do or expect!" 

"The Robotic Arm workshop was engaging and enjoyable with a right amount of challenge and with a huge dose of fun. The team got a chance to not just build a robot arm but more importantly, think creatively about solutions and try out prototyping. Kudos to the FabCafe team for facilitating the session and making it a fun and collaborative team-bonding session!”

– CapitaLand Mall


"The event was superb! Very nicely executed and we received glowing feedback from our bosses.
 The ideas were really great and the venue+food were fantastic. Participants were nicely engaged and had a lot lessons learnt. 
Great job team FabCafe!"

 – Bayer 


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