Make Your Own: Fab Stencil Art


Make Your Own: Fab Stencil Art! (16 March)


Street art gives us a medium to express ourselves in logos, tags, and personal statements.

While stencils can be seen as a tool for 'artistic mass production', they can also be versatile and applied in layers, allowing us to compose and juxtapose elements, similar to a personal collage. Stencils also challenge us to think of space in negatives and positives. 

Utilising the best of Fab lasercutting technology, participants of this workshop will get to play around with different stencils and create their own stencil art. We will be providing pre-lasercut modular stencils, paint rollers, for participants to stencil on papers.  

More experienced participants are encouraged to design and fabricate their own paper stencils with design tools. You are advised to bring a laptop or tablet with design (vector) softwares.




Date: 16 March, Friday

Time: 11.30am – 6pm

Workshop Duration: 30min -1h (Participants can join in the workshop anytime)

Venue: Lobby of ArtScience Museum, FabCafe Singapore


Thu 01 Jan 197007:30