What do you fab?

FAB refers to the fabrication revolution that is taking the world by storm. The term FAB incorporates the meanings of both FABulous and FABrication, which is free from the constraints of mass production and market theory. FabCafe shares the FAB spirit in a fun and user-friendly manner, while providing an open platform to support individuals in their creative efforts to make new things.

FabCafe is a space where people can come together, and connect with each other. By providing a variety of digital fabrication tools, including laser cutters and 3D printers, visitors are able to bring their digital data to life. FabCafe is where people can enjoy the thrill of making new things together and discovering their answer to the telltale FabCafe question that we always ask, “What do you Fab?”

The FabCafe global network continues to expand. In May 2013, FabCafe opened in Taiwan’s capital Taipei, in Spain’s Barcelona and Sitges in 2014, and in Bangkok Thailand in January 2015. And, in August 2015, Japan’ s second FabCafe will open its doors in Hida.


As of 2015, there are five FabCafes around the world with a total customer base of over 170,000. This figure continues to grow daily. Not only does FabCafe serve as a maker space, but it also functions as a co-working venue and an environment to just kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee.


With digital fabrication tools, anyone can bring their ideas to life and anything from parts and accessories to architectural models can take shape.


FabCafe also serves as a space to bounce ideas around and be inspired by others through a myriad of events including creative workshops, Meetup gatherings that attract a wide array of players in the Fab scene, make-a-thons where products are developed in a short time span, and coffee workshops.

FabYou can make (almost) anything

You can make your idea into the reality with digital fabrication tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters. The unexpected unfolds when new technology and creativity meet.

CafeFabulous food and drinks

FabCafe offers fabulous food and drinks to enjoy while making. The latte is especially good!

CommunityInspire your creativity

FabCafe is not only a “digital fabrication cafe”, but also “local design community” and “global business network”. We believe that our community will bring innovation to the future of making!


We offer a variety of workshops from digital fabrication 101 to traditional hand making. If you are interested in making, there will always be one for you.

Talk Event & Meetup

We organize presentations for artists, top creators, architects and all creative minds to present their work and inspire one another. Fab Meetup is a monthly event to share ideas and experiences over a relaxing drink with the diverse crowd at FabCafe. At each event, 5 or 6 creators will make a short presentation related to the topic, “make” or “fab”. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Business collaboration

We are looking for collaborative business partners. Not only do we offer private parties, we also offer team building and educational workshops for companies through exciting experiences that utilize digital fabrication tools.

FabCafe TaipeiCome and enjoy!

結合設計、科技、工藝、自造精神和其他相關跨領域主題。自2013年起FabCafe Taipei正式落戶台北華山文創園區,透過咖啡館 及3D 列印與雷射切割服務,提供創意人聚集連結的國際交流平台。 享用咖啡之間,讓創意思維和想像力在此活躍發酵,用好玩,美味,簡單易懂的方式傳達FAB 精神。