FabCafe Tokyo is expanding! Re-grand opening in August!

FabCafe Tokyo is expanding! Re-grand opening in August! 

It has already been three years since March of 2013, when FabCafe was established in a space encompassing half of the first floor of a building in Shibuya, Dougenzaka.

Perhaps due to its location at the top of a hill in Dogenzaka, the cafe was desolate when it first started. Now, however, the small cafe in Tokyo sees nearly 4,000 customers every month, and the number of pieces made by the customers, over the past three years, has exceeded 10,000. 

Now, FabCafe will re-open in August of this year, after undergoing an expansion!
Here is a sneak peak of the newly reborn FabCafe.

New 4 "Fab" elements

1. The star of the newly expanded space is the "kitchen."

There will be a large open kitchen in the center of the space. Salads and sandwiches, with generous portions of fresh vegetables, will be offered, and the toppings and dressings will be fully customizable. In the evening, the menu includes one-pot braises in Staub cookware, which can be enjoyed with craft beers.


2. Multi-display wall featuring six 65-inch screens.

A display wall spreads as though it is a window. The large screens allow creative image pieces to be shown, and can accommodate more diverse and large scale events. 


3. Introducing a new FAB machine, the UV printer! 

The Roland DG high-precision UV-LED printer, "LEF-20," joins FabCafe! It works well with the laser cutter. Through the addition of "color," your creativity will be expanded. Some of the FabCafe Crewes have already started making with the UV printer. 


▲ The current advertisements on, could be the quickest way to use the UV printer at FabCafe!

▲ HDR photographs printed on acrylics. The transmitted light is very beautiful. 


▲ Miki Tomioka, a painter and a FabCafe Crew, opened her first show, using the UV printer. The gradually printed delicate colors on acrylics were moving. 


4. During the expansion, the existing FabCafe space will also undergo remodeling.

Many unique services and events that can only be experienced at the FabCafe, whose motto is "food x cafe x FAB," will be incorporated, including, a new cafe counter, where the lively coffee performances by the baristas can be experienced more closely, and the Fab area with the new UV printer.   



※ Information regarding business operation during the remodel
Due to the remodel, the business hours will be changed as shown below. We apologize for any inconvenience during the store closure. We look forward to sharing even more fabulous! time with everyone in the renewed FabCafe space! 
・Normal business hours until Thursday, July 16th.
・Store is closed between Friday July 17th ~ Tuesday August 4th.

* The events on the 10th floor will be open while the store is closed. Please refer to the event website for details.
・Re-grand opening on Wednesday, August 5th!!