FabCafe CUBE & Zung Design: Me-Droid Mini Four-Wheel Drive Construction Report

This is the mini four-wheel drive workshop, which was created and held by Mr.Nezu from Zung design.
The mini four-wheel drive Astralster used in the workshop was designed by Mr.Nezu himself!

We’d like to tell you all about this workshop, which was made possible thanks to the following fabulous support:
Modelling collaborations involving the cutting edge FabCafe CUBE machine, and full color 3D Printing from Mutoh Industries.
Roof cutting support from Amauchi Industry, the experts in precision metal sheeting.
And, thanks to Tamiya for officially supporting the course with their mini four-wheel drive.
The event was held in the same building as FabCafe, in the Loftwork Lab, on the 10th floor.

April 20th: First Day

Putting the mini four-wheel drives together, scanning the bodies of the participants, and preparing the 3D data.

▲First up are K’s Design Lab from the FabCafe Think3D Project, explaining the workflow.



▲Amauchi Industry, who kindly provided the roof cutting for the mini four-wheel drive that was used for this project.

This video of the full-scale, industrial-use laser cutter received everyone’s rapt attention.

▲Mr.Nezu, who came up with the original concept for the workshop, gives a presentation.

With the explanations complete, the workshop finally gets underway!


After separating into two teams, work gets going assembling the mini four-wheel drives, and preparing 3D Data after scanning with the CUBE machine on the 2nd floor.

▲Concentrating hard on the task of assembling the mini four-wheel drives.

▲It seems like Dad’s the one enjoying it the most in this family...

▲A couple enjoying some happy time together doing something creative.


▲Mr.Nezu gives some friendly support to this young man struggling with the construction.

▲Construction complete!


First Experiences with 3D Scanning and 3D Modelling with FreeForm!

It’s possible to make a 3D self-scan of your own body with BodySCAN3D! Also, using touch modelling with FreeForm!
It was everyone’s first chance to have a go, so they really got into the challenge of preparing 3D data!

▲It sure is marvellous to produce 3D data of your own face, huh?


▲She might regret being 3D scanned in this pose a little later... you’ll see!


With construction finished, various decal stickers are prepared using iDecora, from Roland D.G.’s company.

▲Everyone makes decoration just how they like it, using the simple, iPad-operated iDecora.



▲Shiny silver stickers on black bodywork! These touches give it a really unique finish.



April 27th Second Day
Everyone’s completed Me-Droids make their debut at long last! Time to start racing!

▲Timidly removing his Me-Droid from the packaging... Then gasps of delight!

▲Wow, it’s a spitting image! But look... Thanks to that pose, she’s now got four hands!

▲The assembled full color 3D printer-modelled Me-Droids. Don’t they look a treat?

▲The assembled full color 3D printer-modelled Me-Droids. Don’t they look a treat?

▲Fixing the Me-Droid to the chassis with a rubber band like this affords excellent impact absorption.

▲With the Me-Droid installed in the special jig, it’s time for the race to begin at last!

▲Everyone helps to put the track together.

▲The drivers line up. Time to start racing!

▲Everyone got together to come up with this gate with obstacles attached. It shows good taste, does it not?

▲Handmade seating for spectators, with a strange 3D printed object from Vflash...

▲It’s a serious business, racing... Will the parents go easy on their kids?

▲Everyone’s hearts were in their mouths for the climax of this race!

▲The winner of the close-run race receives a trophy from Mr.Nezu.


▲Race winner Reiji, with his trophy, an original printed with the CUBE 3D printer.

▲Taking some exciting driver’s eye footage with the GoPro camera that Mr.Nezu brought.


Reiji : http://youtu.be/NYnzjdDYjlE
Mr.Nemoto: http://youtu.be/QG9hRlVnUkc
Ryuunosuke : http://youtu.be/XHzxZytmH-I
Tasku: http://youtu.be/FeyAopmkkeo
Yuunosuke : http://youtu.be/eCejQ5AL2nU
Mr.Pyon: http://youtu.be/o0M5L_M1EIQ     http://youtu.be/4IAjGiRRjGg
Mr.Gero : http://youtu.be/sqfDroX901s
Mr.Amauchi: http://youtu.be/lvFtHuvaJb8

Furthermore, the event will be archived on FabCafe’s Ustream, so please take a look.

▲A commemorative photograph of everyone together at the end.


▲Thanks to Nezu-san, for thinking up and holding the event.

Also, big thanks to TamiyaAmauchi Industry and Mutoh Industries for their kind cooperation.
And thanks also to Ueda-san from Tamiya, who kindly spoke in the second and third phases.
Thanks a lot!