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What is the purpose of BioArt in a VUCA world?

Introducing FabCafe Mexico City with Georg Tremmel(Artist), Ana Laura Cantera(Bioelectronic Artist)

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What exactly is BioArt? What can BioArt and biotechnology teach us about thriving in a VUCA world? In this session, we are joined by Membrana Lab Co-founders and upcoming FabCafe Mexico City Co-founders, Tania Aedo and Federico Hemmer. Tania and Federico are expanding their mixed reality experiments from the perspective of biotechnology and XR. Guests include bioelectronic artist Ana Laura Cantera and BioClub Founder, Georg Tremmel.

Miérc., Febrero 16, 2022  UTC-06:00

20:00 – 22:00





Learn about the BioArt movement to address the challenges of a VUCA World

Looking back over the last several years, there is no doubt that we are currently living in a VUCA world. Due to the rapid development and saturation of an advanced capitalist economic system, the necessity for practices that do not rely on conventional market principles, rationality, and legitimacy is being called for in all areas. Now, more than ever, it is essential to consider a new sense of ethics while updating the way we perceive the world to better adapt to high stakes environmental and social challenges. The Bio art Movement has been attracting attention as one approach that can shed light on these environmental and societal issues.

The fourth Around the FabCafe World in 180 Days Event (“AFW180”) introduces the newest branch in the FabCafe Global Network, FabCafe Mexico City. FabCafe Mexico City is founded by mixed media artists and curators, Tania Aedo and Federico Hemmer. Tania and Federico are expanding their experiments in reality from the perspective of biotechnology and XR through their mixed realities lab, Membrana Lab, and the opening of their FabCafe in Mexico City.

Joining the conversation is Artist and BioClub* Founder, George Tremmel, who has been actively experimenting with and opening up biotechnology to the public, and Ana Laura Cantera, a bioelectronic artist who is trying to look at the future of the earth and humanity through the lens of mycelium, robotics and biotechnology.

This event is the fourth in the series «AFW180,» which unravels the activities of FabCafes around the world. This time, the focus will be on FabCafe MexicoCity, scheduled to open in February, 2022. We will hear presentations and discussions around the questions: What exactly is BioArt? How is it different from biotechnology? What can BioArt teach us about thriving in a VUCA world? 

*BioClub is a citizen science community and open bio lab where researchers, creators, companies, and citizens gather around the keywords of biology, technology, and art.

Federico Hemmer (Left) and Tania Aedo (Right)

FabCafe Mexico City and the Approach of Bio-Art

«Science and technology have been driven mainly by economic forces, homogenizing research, losing diversity, and leaving the majority of people behind. It has homogenized research, diminished diversity, and left the majority of people behind. We need to build a new bioethical ecosystem.

To this end, we established Membrana Lab, a facility for experimentation and dissemination of xR and biotechnology, with mixed reality and life/non-life as keywords. To date, they have been developing activities with various artists and researchers. By opening a new FabCafe Mexico City in this facility and opening up its activities, we are trying to conduct experiments and practices that transcend domains and challenge the construction of a new ethic and ecosystem.”

-Tania Aedo and Federico Hemmer, Co-founders of FabCafe Mexico City, Membrana Lab

Membrana Lab, where FabCafe Mexico City will open, will have a space for experimentation with XR and biotechnology, as well as a space for the exhibition and deployment of processes and prototypes. In the future, they plan to offer artist residencies and programs to support various long-term activities.

In this event, we will hear about their vision of XR and biotechnology, and why they decided to open up their activities through the FabCafe Global network.

  • BioClub


    BioClub is a citizen science community where various researchers, creators, companies, and citizens gather under the keyword «Bio» (biology and life science). For more than five years, people interested in various fields of science have been gathering and collaborating with experts in their fields to create new perspectives. Using the BioLab, an open wet lab that can be used by anyone, as a base of activity, we hold meet-up events, workshops, and project activities that challenge the realization of various science and technology using biology and nature as a source of creative ideas. The goal is to experience biotechnology and discuss the real sensations that come from it from various angles.

Recommended for

  • People who are interested in biohacking and biomaterials development
  • People who are interested in new bioethics, diversity, and gender-free discussions
  • People who are interested in how the production and consumption systems of the future will change.
  • People who are interested in the expansion of physicality through technology and symbiosis with ecosystems

What’s “Around the FabCafe World in 180 Days”?

FabCafe, which was born in Tokyo in 2012, has now spread to cities around the world. Each FabCafe is carrying out creative community activities for society through unique and experimental approaches. In many cases, the Founders of FabCafes around the world had their own career and projects with their own unique backgrounds, skills, savviness in technology and communities before they launched their own FabCafes. They empathized with the spirit of FabCafe and then opened cafes in various places to further expand their activities. One team is developing biomaterials with a research institute, another is organizing a global SDGs educational program, and in response to the corona pandemic, there are also teams that are contributing to the needs of medical professionals by organizing a system to increase production of much needed medical equipment.

With the characteristics of each branch and the scope of their activities ever expanding, we are starting a series of events where the leaders of each branch can introduce their activities in a marathon fashion in order to reconnect and show the diversity and strength of the FabCafe network. This series is called “Around the FabCafe World in 180 Days”, named after the novel “Around the World in Eighty Days”. Join us as we unravel the activities and unique leaders of each location!

  • Vol.1 Bangkok × Sustainable Design

    FabCafe Bangkok opened in 2015, and its co-founder, Kalaya Kovidisith, has been creating various projects with her experience in architecture, design computation, and her creative planning skills. At this event, she talked about how materials became the future of digital fabrication together with Pattanapong Ranurak and Tanet Jirasavekdilok from Divana Wellness Co., LTD

    Read the event report

  • Vol.2
    Barcelona × Robotics

    In Zamora, the third most aged city in Europe, FabCafe Barcelona is now developing IoT and robots to support the elderly. In a future society where the value of living a more fulfilling life is more important than just convenience and efficiency, what will the relationship between robots, AI, XR, and other technologies, people, and cities look like? He discussed  together with Prof. Junichi Rekimoto, the director of Sony CSL Kyoto Laboratory.

    Read the event report

  • Vol.3
    Kuala Lumpur × Play

    The projects and workshops that FabCafe Kuala Lumpur (FabCafe KL) has developed so far are all full of a playful spirit. We discussed the role of play and playfulness in design and creativity with the two members of Playfool, a design unit that also develops activities with play as a keyword.

    We talk about how playfulness is necessary for adults as well, in order to naturally involve people and face the essence of things.

    Read the event report


02:00 – 02:05

Kelsie Stewart(FabCafe Tokyo)

02:05 – 02:20

Introducing FabCafe Mexico City x Membrana Lab
Tania Aedo, Federico Hemmer (FabCafe Mexico City)
- Membrana Lab, a lab that crosses biomaterials, VR, art and research to design the future

02:20 – 02:35

Guest Talk 1 「BioClub: A DIY open bio community」

Georg Tremmel (BCN / Bio Artist / BioClub Co-founder)
- Why we established BioClub Tokyo as an activity to open biotechnology to society and why we continue to work on it.
- The expansion of BioCommunity, social change through technology, and what is biotechnology as a new media

02:35 – 02:50

Guest Talk 2 「What is the shape of ecosystems designed from biotechnology and robotics?」
Ana Laura Cantera (Biolectronic artist, researcher, professor)
- About Ana’s bioelectronic artwork and the bioart/bio-material scene in the Americas
- How these new technologies provide a new medium for expression and action

02:50 – 03:45

Cross talk
Ana Laura Cantera, Georg Tremmel, Tania Aedo, Federico Hemmer, Kelsie Stewart (Moderator)
- The purpose of Bio art in a VUCA World
- Bio art as a tool for ethical renewal and its impact on culture and industry
- What is the significance of being open about our activities?


Fecha y hora

Miérc., Febrero 16, 2022 20:00 – 22:00 UTC-06:00




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