FabCafe launches global competition ‘Mask Design Challenge 2020’ to tackle coronavirus mask shortage crisis

We are calling for entries for innovative face mask designs! As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak continues to unfold, ‘Mask Design Challenge 2020’ hopes to gather the best ideas from creators around the world to tackle the issues we currently face.

YouFab Global Creative Award 2019 Exhibition and Awards Ceremony

With roots in the narrative of “Fab” initiated by Loftwork and FabCafe, YouFab Global Creative Awards aim to foster a global network of creators unlimited by genre. In the 2019’s 8th edition, 20 winners were selected from record highest 285 works from 43 countries.  more

Bangkok Design Week 2020: FabCafe Bangkok explores the new potential of solar living

FabCafe Bangkok has whipped up four events as part of the Bangkok Design Week 2020 (BKKDW2020), including workshops, talks and exhibitions. From the technical to the whimsical, participants will be able to experience firsthand the collaborative and innovative spirit of FabCafe.   more

Tokyo 2200: Neri Oxman collaborates with FabCafe creatives for Mori Art Museum’s ‘Future and the Arts’ exhibition

For the exhibition ‘Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life - How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow’, Oxman was assisted by a production team of creatives from FabCafe and Hidakuma, FabCafe’s joint operation with the local industry in Hida city.


The ultra new visions of VR: NewView Awards judge Keng-Ming Liu on the new perceptual order

The virtual reality worlds so beloved in sci-fi canon (ahem, The Matrix, anyone?) are not so far-off, and Keng-Ming Liu is ready to embrace the new world order. A pioneer in the animation industry, Liu is the founder of Taipei-based motion graphic production studio Bito and one of the 2019 NewView Awards judges.  more

What's FabCafe?

“What do you fab?” is
the most important theme of FabCafe.
It’s a magical word
for anyone to be a creator!

“Not just a cafe!” Let’s take a look at how to get the most fun out of FabCafe Hida! – 2019 Omnibus Edition

In this article, we'll continue that look back at 2019, touching on the workshops and events held at FabCafe Hida.  more

Life with ARTSTEEL: Finding the everyday charm of industrial materials

Can a material traditionally reserved for construction use manage to find its place in our everyday life?   more

Discovery Channel Award Ceremony: A very ‘Fab’ celebration of Japan’s ‘superhumans’ and storytellers

A wild party appears… at FabCafe Tokyo, as the winners of Discovery’s AWRD competition for original documentaries are, well, discovered.   more

BioClub – A cutting edge space and home for DIY bio community in Tokyo

BioClub is an internationally-recognized lab and community hosted by FabCafe & Loftwork for people interested in the intersections of biology, art, and design. By providing a lab and tailored events, workshops, and activities, the community aims to promote the understanding and application of, as well as business opportunities in biotechnology.  more

Upcoming Events


Mask Design Challenge 2020 – FabCafe Globalと一緒に、未来のマスクを考えよう。

Kuala Lumpur

FabCafe Kuala Lumpur Open House

Join us for a casual Open House to learn more about FabCafe Kuala Lumpur!

Mask Design Challenge 2020 – FabCafe Globalと一緒に、未来のマスクを考えよう。


【4/1に開催】マザーズハウスの子ども食堂@FabCafe Hida

FabCafe Hidaの定休日の水曜日(4/1)、マザーズハウスの子ども食堂がオープンします。
Hong Kong
Start in 5 days

FAB Easter Camp 2020 [CLOSED]

Fab Camp is an opportunity for teenagers to explore design innovation and hands-on making in 5 days! Students will work together in teams to find solutions to the waste problem in Hong Kong and create prototypes using digital fabrication, electronics & arduino.
Start in 7 days

Conversations with Green Changemakers in Japan, vol. 01 Urban Farming

During our "Conversations with Green Changemakers in Japan", we bring along passionate individuals to talk about various topics around ecology and well-being. Vol. 01 will be a webinar- the topic is Urban Farming.
Start in 16 days


『ファブラボのすべて イノベーションが生まれる場所』刊行記念 特別開催イベント
Hong Kong
Start in 17 days

FAB Workshop “Chinese Calligraphy Workshop”

Due to the COVID-19 situation, calligraphy workshop with calligrapher Minimind 叛逆中女 has rescheduled to 18 Apr. You will be able to learn Chinese calligraphy and your works will be laser engraved on products!
Start in 24 days

KAE ジュエリーワークショップ 4月

アクセサリーブランド、High-Me TOKYOのディレクターを務めるKAEさん。KAEさんがデザインするカラフルでポップなアクセサリーパーツを使用したワークショップを開催します。