Fab & Space Rental

Fab & Space Rental 

FabCafe Bangkok

You can bring in materials or design data, and reserve a FAB machine via FabCafe Bangkok FB inbox or call us at 0836199983.

※ For special project that want to collaborate or need support from FabCafe Bangkok, please send project information to kalaya@fabcafe.com

  • Laser cutter

  • 3D Printer FDM

    3D Printer FDM
  • 3D Printer SLA

    3D Printer SLA
  • UV Printer

    UV Printer
  • Fabric printing

    Fabric printing
  • Vacuum Forming

    Vacuum Forming
  • Precious Plastic

    Precious Plastic

    See details

Host your event, workshop, talk or project at our space!


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