The first analog 3D printer by Daniel de Bruin

“The first analog 3D printer”

Daniel de Bruin has designed a new Ceramic 3D printer which works without any kind of electrical input. This project has won the “General Award” in the YouFab Global Creative Awards contest for creative people. creativos

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It is true that digital fabrication has a lot of benefits, but the handmade part is also lost due to it. This new concept of analog 3D printer is born to go back to the handmade without loosing the benefits of the digital prototyping

[Daniel de Bruin]: “Even so, I often feel excluded, it is more of an emotion than a fact. Are these printed objects only mine? Or are they just a product of this new technology? I have the impulse of reclaiming my own authorship, to lessen this feeling of alienation.”

The machine work with gravity and a weight system. When you heighten a 15 kg weight, the machine turns on. The weight control allows you to connect to the process. As there is no electrical energy, it is still you who does the print.


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Impresiones 3D analógicas

Analog 3D prints


Impresión 3D analógica

Analog 3D printing


Impresora 3D analógica

Analog 3D printer

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