Event Report

Report YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015 Kick Off Party

At FabCafe Barcelona the 2nd of July was a very special date because since 6pm till 10pm we celebrated the start of the creative global competition YouFab Global Creative Awards 2015, worldwide organized by all the FabCafe’s in the world.

And if you have something that you want to show to the world and you believe in it, do not hesitate to apply, the competition it’s open until the 30th of September: entry here.

It was an incredible event! Real creators and inventors showed up to mind blow with all their imagination. We have to thank really really big to:

ciclo.io, Trotec España, icreatia.es,Stalactite, Printhatshit, Entresd, the music of Ari & David and the band Bohemian Affair, drones from ESS Estudiants and experimental perfumes from @jaderossda (fb).

To enjoy the complete album, just click here.