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May 20, 2020

Join YouFab Kick Off Events across different FabCafe locations: Calling Kyoto, Bangkok and Taipei creators!

FabCafe Bangkok

The YouFab Global Creative Awards is the brainchild of FabCafe, a global creator’s cafe network founded by Loftwork Inc. Through creative workshops and events at its comfortable spaces in 10 locations around the world, FabCafe has created spaces where individuals may share their ideas and projects and connect with unique creators. The YouFab Global Creative Awards were launched in 2012 to showcase the creations from each of the 10 locations around the world.

YouFab, which is being held for the 8th consecutive year this year, recognizes and celebrates creative works and inventions that stem from a powerful collaboration between digital and physical fabrication. It is a category free award, open to creators from all backgrounds all around the world, regardless of age and nationality. All works, products, and services will be accepted, whether they fall under the fields of art, performance, architecture or even span multiple fields. 

To celebrate the opening of the YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019, FabCafe locations around the world hosted YouFab Kick Off Events. These events provide and opportunity to learn more about YouFab’s vision and to connect with local creators and share ideas and projects related to ‘fab’.

MTRL Kyoto

On September 19, MTRL Kyoto hosted a special edition Fab Meetup Vol.39 with YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019! There were presentations on the vision of ‘YouFab’ and this year’s theme ‘Conviviality– Emerging from the space between the old and new OS’. In addition, Fab Meetup welcomed past YouFab creators as guest speakers, including Daisuke Koyabashi 小林大祐, yang02, Masahiko Takeda and kafuka music. Please see the event page here.

FabCafe Bangkok

On September 21st, FabCafe Bangkok’s Fab Meetup Vol. 13 happened in a special way. FabCafe Bangkok Co founder Kalaya Kovidvisith hosted a special edition the Fab Meetup as a YouFab 2019 Kick Off Party! Guest speakers included, Cloud-floor and The Trust: Anti-Corruption Game. Please see the event page here.

FabCafe Taipei

To kick off YouFab 2019, FabCafe Taipei will hosted a special talk event with exciting speakers who align with the YouFab spirit on September 27th. Speakers included Li Jianyou, Howard Chen and YouFab 2018 finalists Y2K. Please see the event page here.



  • FabCafe Bangkok


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