Laser Cut Series Introduction

FabCafe MTRL HK is bringing you a creative experiential workshop.
SCHEDULE Thu 09 May 2019 / 19:00 - 20:30
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FabCafe MTRL HK is bringing you a creative experiential workshop.

Have something you want to make but can’t quite cut with a pair of scissors by hand? We may be able to help you here.

Laser cutter uses a laser beam to cut through sheets form material. Your design can be hand drawn or a computer-generated graphic. And we will show you the rest!

Come join us to learn about laser cutting technology. You will be amazed at how user-friendly this technology has become. Only a few tips from this workshop and you will be able to start creating, no prior software skills required.

In this workshop, you will learn about the technology and operation workflow of laser cutting such as translating a hand drawing or image into laser cut files and how different materials response to the laser.

Laser cutting technology was developed in the early 70’s. With the advancement of software development in recent decades, laser cutting has gotten very user-friendly and became increasingly popular amongst makers, crafters and hobbyist. In fact, the application of this technology has no limits, it is up to your imagination and creativity. Come join us and start creating with this incredible machine!

*This is a free workshop.

FabCafe MTRL HK 為你推出實現創意生活的體驗課。


我們能在Fabcafe MTRL HK 幫您。


* 了解激光切割技術
* 先前無需任何的軟件技能
* 操作流程
* 手繪圖轉換為激光切割文件

激光切割技術在70年代早期開發。隨著近幾十年軟件的開發,激光切割已經變得非常方便使用. 除了在工廠,激光切割技術在工匠和業餘愛好者中越來越受歡迎。這項技術的應用放寬舊有的製作限制,大大提升創造力。

來Fabcafe MTRL HK了解如何使用鐳射切割機,


Thu 09 May 201919:00 - 20:30

Price Free
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