“Melting Reality” Exhibition by NEWVIEW & STYLY For Bangkok Design Week 2023

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NEWVIEW is a worldwide experimental project to nurture the community and cultivate new creative expressions and experiences in 3D spaces by using STYLY. For Bangkok Design Week 2023, we will showcase in three different areas of exhibitions during the event.

Sat, February 4, 2023 – Sun, February 12, 2023  UTC+07:00

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Immerse yourself in an Augmented World co-created by talented creators from all over the globe.

NEWVIEW is a worldwide experimental project to nurture the community and cultivate new creative expressions and experiences in 3D spaces by using STYLY. For Bangkok Design Week 2023, we will showcase in three different areas of exhibitions during the event.

  •  NEWVIEW Global exhibition at FabCafe Bangkok. Eleven works will be selected worldwide including one from Thai creator as reservation only are exhibited at FabCafe Bangkok Back building 3F. This one will focus on how to use Physical Computing to interact with Augmented Reality.
  • NEWVIEW XR FieldLAB at TCDC rooftop. Three works from Thai creators will be exhibited on the TCDC rooftop right wing.
  • NEWVIEW XR FieldLAB in Charoenkrung Six works from Thai creators will be exhibited in Charoenkrung and Talad-Noi districts.

The 9-Thai-creator projects will explore how Augmented reality can encourage the Urbannicezation of Charoenkrung.
Investigating how Augmented Technology can be a tool for creating hidden layers that overlay our city, The creators can augment these hybrids of physical and digital experiences into Bangkok’s cityscape.

The Global Exhibition at FabCafe Sponsored by DHA Siamwala & Epson Thailand

Designed with the theme “Melting Reality” in mind, Saran Yen Panya teamed up with FabCafe Bangkok to create an exhibition design that conveys the feeling of “in-between-ness.” The exhibition was made with 24,000 pieces of cutout flower papers, fusing projection mapping, immersive visual content, and AR content from several creators altogether in a non-linear space. The visitor will get to play, discover, co-create, roam around and explore senses of contradiction between real and surreal, playful and profound, silly and thought-provoking, vernacular and universal, cheap and luxurious through carefully designed space and curated AR content.

More about NEWVIEW?

NEWVIEW was launched in 2018 as a worldwide, simultaneously occurring, experiential project/community where people who embody modern culture such as fashion, music, film, graphics and etc., come together to develop and spread the design of experience and creative experience in a three-dimensional space.

NEWVIEW SITE : https://newview.design/en/

What is STYLY?

STYLY is the real metaverse platform that gives artists a space to express their creativity and provides an intuitive tool for creating VR, AR, and MR content easily using a web browser. XR content can be distributed to various devices, such as VR HMDs, web browsers, smartphones, and AR glasses. Furthermore, the software is compatible with Mac and Windows and can be operated on standard PCs, not only VR compatible PCs. STYLY is compatible with 3D software like MAYA and Blender and with services like YouTube and SoundCloud, so you can easily import different digital media and use them to build your own unique 3D environment and experience.

STYLY GALLERY : https://gallery.styly.cc/

  • Thai creators list:
    (View the Projects below.)

    • Rukkit : Beast Crew
    • Kaiju Smuggler : Can we be friends?
    • 27 June Studio : Floating Green
    • TAM:DA : มังกรตลาดน้อย
    • Chakrapan Suwanphanich : Tem & Pippo’s TukTuk Ride
    • Thaipface : Thai Type in Motion: Get Low, Bedazzled, Hey Taxi!
    • Hear & Found : Door to Nature
    • Benjarat Aiemrat : The MYST Sweet Bar
    • GearWalker : trafficJam
  • International creators list:

    • Sid and Geri : Party without me
    • Goodboixian : GAZE
    • Po-Hao : Collage of hybridity
    • Kidd Tai : Blow Dream
    • Wu, Kuan Ying : Clap Clap
    • Taipei is a giraffe : Lollisonic AR : Tutu is ver hungry.
    • Claire Wang : Inner-verse project
    • Sydney Wang & Antony Chiu : Mindfulness -meOWOditation with your cat
    • Jasmine Ow & Lisan Hsiao(Waves from island) : Your body is an ocean
    • Kyle Li : Sherlock Holmes & The Dimensional Pipe
    • JACKSON kaki : Hogushi Water

  • Project : Rukkit

  • by Beast Crew

    Graphic designer and street art artist with outstanding creative works full of uniqueness, the majority of which use the technique of spraying Block Stencil together until it forms a structure with animals where he can also draw the characters of various animals come out clearly. And is one of the artists invited to collaborate with many world-renowned brands.

  • Project : Can we be friends?

  • by Kaiju Smuggler

    The Kaiju Smugglers are a collaboration of two 3D designers. Our job is to modernize Thai beliefs and make them more accessible to the next generation. We began with the ‘Lowpoly Ganesha,’ Thailand’s first event that uses 3D printing technology to design and manufacture the Yak set. Tha Tian is a soft vinyl art toy based on the Yak Wat Chaeng and Yak Wat Pho legends. We also created a comic book about the battle of the giants.


  • by 27 JUNE STUDIO

    Pawimol Samsen is a creative person, while Chayanon Tocharoen is a tech geek.
    27 JUNE Studio is a Bangkok-based multidisciplinary design studio where technology and design are synchronized to create an immersive experience. We do projection mapping, creative coding, AR, VR, interactive art, performance art, and more. We are all about tech; however, we are not a tech company. Technology is just a medium for us to communicate with people. We like to express ourselves through immersive experiences and create a space for people to speak, play, share, and express themselves. In other words, people are at the center of our work.

  • Project: มังกรตลาดน้อย

  • by TAM: DA

    Thanawat Maneenawa is a creative director, designer, advertiser, writer, artist, illustrator, inventor, and lecturer, and in the name of “TAM: DA,” he brings things from all over, both surplus and brand new, to reassemble them into item whose function has changed. His work will range from adorable toys to everyday objects.

  • Project: Tem & Pippo’s TukTuk Ride

  • by Oak Chakrapan Suwanphanich

    Chakrapan Suwanphanich is an art director and graphic designer who has worked with Thai and international brands such as SKYY VODKA, bebe, Hitachi USA, Tesco/Lotus, Bluecup Coffee, and Siam Commercial Bank. He specializes in editorial, advertising, and branding design. He is currently employed as a lecturer at Mahidol University, where he teaches graphic design, as well as community service and local knowledge. He also enjoys manga and photography and has worked as an art director for the Thai manga magazine “Manga Katch.”

  • Project: Thai Type in Motion: Get Low, Thai Type in Motion: Bedazzled, Thai Type in Motion: Hey Taxi!


    THAIPFACE is a digital drawing book created by a group of creatives to express their appreciation for Thai characters through their design perspective, ranging from the experiment in designing Thai fonts with a strange look through new interpretations of traditional Thai characters to the creation of animated words that are popular in Thai society today. This is an excellent place to experiment with Thai letter shapes and push design boundaries.

  • Project: Door to Nature

  • by Hear & Found

    The Hear & Found team is passionate about the importance of sound and ♪ in many people’s lives, particularly ethnic groups. As a result, we work as sound collectors, storytellers, and designers to communicate Thailand’s cultural diversity to the general public.

  • Project: The MYST Sweet Bar

  • by Ben, Benjarat Aiemrat

    I produce workpieces and projects through experimental methods to find solutions or stories and give each piece a unique identity. And come up with new ideas to expand on the original project—I’m currently a freelance graphic designer, artist, and special lecturer.

  • Project : trafficJam

  • by GearWalker

    Tanapon Kitmuti, also known as T.K. GearWalker, is an independent creative technologist and visiting professor who teaches games development, robots, VR/AR/XR, and AI at various universities.


Date & Time

Sat, February 4, 2023 – Sun, February 12, 2023 UTC+07:00


FabCafe Bangkok
Central Post Office, Charoen Krung Road,
Back building 3rd floor
Bangkok 10500

+66 83 619 9983

BTS 10 minutes to walk from Saphan Taksin BTS Station (S6)
MRT 10 minutes to walk from Hua Lumphong MRT Station
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Organizers & Sponsors

Organizers: NEWVIEW Project, STYLY, Loftwork, PARCO, Psychic VR Lab
Co-organizer: FabCafe Bangkok
Sponsors: Epson Thailand, Paper Solution by DHAS, INDA Chulalongkorn University, Citizen Tea Canteen


For more information, please contact
LINE ID: @fabcafebangkok

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