FAB Ideation “Rethinking tools for the future of learning”

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This month's FAB Ideation is going to rethink the tools for the future of learning and the session will be held online!

Thu, April 9, 2020  UTC+08:00

18:00 – 20:00

Online Session




FAB Ideation

FabCafe Hong Kong is a creative community platform. We want to connect people from various different fields of expertise to collaborate on meaningful projects together. FabCafe provides a space and digital fabrication tools that encourage exploration of innovative and exciting ideas for businesses and individual creators.

At FabCafe we host ideation sessions to delve into various social or environmental problems and explore creative solutions. It is also an opportunity to practice Design Thinking and foster meaningful conversations. We are launching an online FAB Ideation session in April 2020 and we are looking forward to gathering more of your innovative ideas.

Online FAB Ideation: Rethinking tools for the future of learning

The outbreak of COVID-19 is greatly affecting us and changing the ways we live. For instance, we are adapting more digital tools to help us to work from home. And also we do more online shopping for groceries to prevent hanging around on the street. Then how about learning? Are there enough tools out there to facilitate students these days? How can the tools be improved? Can we use the tools in the long term?
The next FAB Ideation is looking for your innovative ideas to rethink the tools for the future of learning. It will be held online and we will go through the design thinking practices in a digital way. Join us if you are interested in the topic or you would like to learn more about online design thinking!


Introduction & Icebreaker (30 min)
Exploring & defining the problem (45 min)
Finding innovative solutions (45 min)


Date & Time

Thu, April 9, 2020 18:00 – 20:00 UTC+08:00


Online Session




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