Innovation platform for materials and creators.

MTRL is a global platform that supports co-creation by creators and the manufacturers of various materials, giving birth to innovation. We work with a range of materials, from common materials such as wood, metal, and cloth, to traditional craft materials and cutting-edge technology fitted with sensors and modules.

What all this has in common is the potential that these materials hold for being the source of innovation; also, that these are unique materials that pique the curiosity of creators.

We do more than just spread information around the globe through our website. Through our shops and labs where people can touch samples of materials, shop, or process materials on the spot, and by organizing events such as Meetups and hackathons themed on the materials, we support new encounters between materials manufacturers and creators, together with the innovation that arises from this.





Innovation Platform For MATERIALS and CREATORS.

Main base

Tokyo, Kyoto, Taipei, Hong Kong, and all other FabCafe locations

How to Participate

We hold regular material meetup events, mainly in Tokyo (Shibuya) and Kyoto, or online. By subscribing to the FabCafe Global Newsletter, you will receive regular event information.


  • Miyuki Ida

    Loftwork Inc. Producer

  • Tim Wong

    FabCafe Taipei / Loftwork Taiwan co-founder

  • Harvey Chung

    Co-founder, FabCafe Hong Kong & Loftwork Hong Kong

  • Mitsuhiro Suwa

    FabCafe / Loftwork Inc. CEO

  • Kazuya Ohara

    Loftwork Inc. / FabCafe MTRL Producer

  • Kazuya Yanagihara

    Loftwork Inc. / MTRL Creative Director

  • Sawako Tane

    MTRL プロデューサー

  • Kosuke Kinoshita

    MTRL Director / FabCafe Kyoto Fab Director

  • Mika Kimitsuka


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