FabCafe MINI-4WD CUP 2014

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2014.8.31 (日)  UTC+09:00

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FabCafe MINI-4WD CUP 2014
Supported by Znug design, Product_c, Shuminova

Come, all challengers! Produce the fastest speeds using your own hands! FabCafe is hosting the Fab Mini 4WD Cup, a race between four-wheel-drive model cars customized using digital fabrication tools like 3D printers and laser cutters! The event has the comprehensive backing of car designer Kota Nezu (Znug Design), product designer Takayuki Yamazaki (former motorcycle designer at Honda), and Yusuke Yamanaka from Shuminova, the hobby- and-game-theme cafe. The Fab Mini 4WD Cup is a race between mini 4WD machines customized using FAB techniques and the unlimited potential that is in each of us.

You can participate at any of three levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Professional. So it doesn’t matter whether you are a novice at digital fabrication or a professional — there is a level suitable for you to compete at. Get your friends together and try to grab the winner’s laurel at the inaugural FAB Mini 4WD championship. In addition, on the day of the competition, an exhibition match is planned between the mini 4WD winning team and an automobile engineering team that will produce the ultimate machine to confront the mini 4WD winners: something special to look forward to!

An information session is planned for July 26th at FabCafe for people to find out about the competition, to exchange information, and to find team partners. Who knows, maybe there will be a preliminary skirmish between competitors?!

FabCafe will provide comprehensive Fab backup support for participants: 1) Teams entered in the competition get 5 hours’ use of Fab tools at FabCafe free of charge. 2) People taking the Enthusiast-level Fab Class will also get access to a high-resolution 3D printer free of charge (subject to availability — the printer is currently being serviced). 3) You don’t have to know how to use Fab tools. Support for customizing will be available at FabCafe and the workshop right up to the time of the competition. 4) At the July 26 meetup, we will arrange a match-up activity, so people can find fellow team members who know how to use Fab tools.

■Event Owner



Kota Nezu

After working at Toyota, he established Znug Design in 2005. He has worked on the design of concepts for industrial products, and contributed to the activation of corporate creative activity. Together with like-minded colleagues he published “From a Factory in a Small Town to the World,” has been engaged in the development of the “zec00” electric bike, and in projects with Toyota such as the joint development of the Camatte concept car. Tamiya has announced the Astralster model car, and he originated the new trend to developing full-scale mini 4WD cars. Among the awards he has received are the Good Design Award and Germany’s iF Design Award. He is a member of the judging panel for the 2014 Good Design Awards. Znug Design Co., Ltd. (“znug” comes from the Japanese word “tsunagu,” meaning “connect”)


やまざき たかゆき Takayuki Yamazaki

Product designer and smile maker Born in Nagano Prefecture, 1972. Worked as a designer with Honda Technology Research for 18 years. He is now leveraging his experience in the development of various popular products in his work as a product designer and smile maker, with “creating designs that make people smile” as his theme. His work ranges over a broad spectrum, taking in playful industrial design, conceptual fashion design, event production consultancy, and educational activities. Former Honda Technology Research designer (1995–2012)
pdc_designworks CEO
product_c designer
BMSK cosulting senior researcher

Shuminova Yusuke Mamanaka

Representing RopEar Co. LLC. Involved in the management of the Shuminova cafe bar for hobbyists in Shinjuku, planning for major convenience store chains, and the Web-based distribution of programs for entertainers, voice actors, and musicians. In April 2014, established the apparel brand REDT with partners, and is involved in the development of enterprises acting as a bridge between content and end-users.



FAB Mini 4WD Meetup & Preliminary Encounter – July 26th, 18:00–22:00
Competition day – August 31st, from around 11:00 until 20:00


【Beginner Fab Class】

It is possible to participate on the basis of customizing a commercial mini 4WD (e.g. by attaching stickers of original design). In addition, on the day of the competition, August 31st, Shuminova will host a mini 4WD construction workshop, and mini 4WDs customized there can also participate.

【Light Fab Class】

This level of participation is for those customizing specific parts (plates, rollers, body) using Fab tools.
* Any degree of customization is fine. It is not necessary to customize all of the parts mentioned using Fab tools. It is also fine to customize by combining commercially available parts.

【Serious Fab Class】

Customization should be entirely one’s own work using Fab tools. * Any degree of customization is fine, and the customization can be done on any part or parts of the 4WD. In regard to Fab tools, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC, cutting machine, etc., as well circuit boards and other electronic components (Arudino, etc.) can all be used.

【Exhibition match】

This is a showdown between dream cars produced by collaboration between mini 4WD pros, 3D engineers, car makers, etc. The points of appraisal for this exhibition match include not just speed, but also multiple aspects of appearance and functionality.

■ Entry fees

* Fab Beginner Level
(1) August 31 Workshop: 2,500 yen (including mini 4WD kit and customization)
(2) Participation in the race only on August 31: 1,000 yen
* Casual Fab Class: 3,000 yen (1) 3 hours’ use of Fab tools at no extra charge
* Serious Fab Class: 10,000 yen (1) 5 hours’ use of Fab tools at no extra charge (2) use of a business-quality high-resolution printer

Note: The entry fee is for one mini 4WD. Where a team is entering two cars, the fee would be 20,000 yen. The fees include consumption tax.

■ Schedule

* End of June – August 15: accepting applications
* July 26 – Mini 4WD Fab Meetup & Preliminary Encounter @ FabCafe
Participants will exchange information with engineers, mini 4WD enthusiasts, etc., and will be able to look for others to form a team.
* August 31st – Competition day at Kashiwa-no-ha KOIL

■Time table(August 31st)

11:00am – 1:00pm Mini-4WD Workshop by Shuminova
3:00pm  Beginner Class Race
4:00pm  Light Fab Class Race
5:00pm  Exhivision Match
6:00pm  Serious Fab Class Race
7:30pm  Awards ceremony

■ Regulations (FabCafe Cup special rules)

Body size (height and width) must conform to Tamiya official rules. There is no restriction on length. The car need not be four-wheel drive. There is no restriction on either the number of wheels, nor the number of wheels. * The remodeling of the car must not cause damage to the racecourse. In regard to other matters, Tamiya official rules apply.

■ Awards

* Champion – awarded to the champion in each class
* Technology Award – awarded to participants displaying technical excellence
* Design Award – awarded to participants displaying excellence in design and ideas
# The prizes are yet to be determined.

■ How to apply

Click on the link below to see the application form, and fill in the necessary details.
Fab Mini 4WD Cup Application Form


Note: Merely clicking on the “Participate” button does not constitute an application to participate.
Take up the challenge to come up with a new customization never seen before, using the 3D printer and laser cutter! Beginners will receive thorough support from Shuminova mini 4WD pros for assembly and simple customization. FabCafe staff will demonstrate how to customize with Fab tools. People who have no experience with Fab are encouraged to enter via classes here. Beginners’ classes are open to children and parent-child groups. They are welcome to form teams, customize, and join in the excitement of the race.



2014.8.31 (日) UTC+09:00


KOIL(Kashiwa-no-ha Open Innovation Lab)
千葉県柏市若柴178 番地4 柏の葉キャンパス148 街区2

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