Laser Cutter - Trotec Speedy 300

Duration varies • Price varies

NORMAL RATE: RM 23.90 / 10 MINS PACKAGE 1 (PREPAID): RM 369 / 3 HRS PACKAGE 2 (PREPAID): RM 566 / 5 HRS Maximum work area of the laser cutter is 720 x 420mm. We only accept vector base files. Prohibited material: PVC, PP, Polycarbonate Poly-foam, Polystyrene.

Embroidery - Brother PR655

Duration varies • 0.5 cents per stitch count (RM 0.005)
Embroidery your design simply with vector file!

UV Print - Roland LEF20

Duration varies • Price varies
Print Area
330x502mm: RM 170
330x251mm / 165x502mm: RM 85
165x251mm / 330×125.5mm / 82.5x525mm: RM 45
165×125.5mm / 330×62.75mm / 502×41.25mm: RM 37

Able to print on most flat surface, such as:
acrylic, plywood, leather and many more

3D Print - FDM & SLA

Duration varies • Price varies depending on the model
Print your work or hobby in 3D file

CNC Milling Machine - Roland SRM20

Duration varies • Price varies depending on the model
Milling machine to make a hole or carve your project