FabCafe Tokyo 10th Anniversary Party

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FabCafe Tokyo, the first of the FabCafe network that has expanded to 13 locations around the world, is an open café where people meet, mingle, and where various forms of monozukuri ("making things") and monogatari ("legends") have been born.

Whether you're a daily visitor or it's been a while, let's celebrate our tenth anniversary together and plan the next ten years!

Sat, April 16, 2022  UTC+09:00

18:30 – 22:00




*As a COVID-19 prevention measure, attendants are required to fill in the following form in advance. Upon arrival, kindly show your sign-up confirmation email at the front desk. Please be advised that entry may be denied depending on the venue’s circumstances at the time.

*We have updated the information on our guests and program. Make sure to check it out! (April 8th) 

FabCafe Tokyo celebrated its 10th anniversary on March 7, 2022. To date, more than 300,000 people have visited FabCafe Tokyo! We would like to thank everyone who has used the café, all the creators, artists, and clients who have worked together to create projects, events, and community activities, and all the staff who have nurtured FabCafe Tokyo together.

We will be holding an event to celebrate our 10th anniversary on Saturday, April 16. The theme is “gratitude”. Together with everyone who has been involved with FabCafe up until now, and everyone who will be involved with FabCafe in the future, we would like to look back over the past 10 years and declare the start of the next 10 years.

The event will also feature drinks, food, music, and exhibitions by those who have collaborated with us in the past (including alumni). Whether it’s been a while since you’ve been here, if you’ve been coming every day, or if you’ve actually been wanting to come, we hope to see you at this event. Let’s look back on the history of FabCafe Tokyo and our past collaborations, and talk about what we are planning next.

Can’t make it, but want to celebrate… …  Please send us a message!

If you cannot join us on the day of the event, we would love to celebrate with you by sending us a message, telling us about your episodes at FabCafe and what you hope to see in the next 10 years. We will introduce the messages we receive at the event.

Send FabCafe a message!(Google Form)

On the day of the event, we invite guests from among those who have worked with FabCafe on various projects.

Sar/on rails is a musical artwork inspired by the Indonesian traditional ensemble music called gamelan.

The concept of “rasa” becomes crucial when evaluating the finesse of gamelan music. It is a word that cannot be translated simply as “taste” or “elegance”, but rather may be understood as “flavor” or even “emotion”. This deeply layered concept is hard to grasp at first glance and can allude to a wide range of elements including the performance style, the use of intervals, the balance and tempo of the music, and so on.

At the same time, since gamelan music is made up predominantly of percussive instruments, it makes use of a fairly simple interpreting method consisting of “striking a tone bar with a mallet and at the same time stopping the vibration of the previous bar with the opposite hand”.

The idea that the unique sense of immersion born out of the repeated “strike and stop” motion could be considered as one of the elements of “rasa” was what inspired Sar/on rails.

The distinctive circular structure of the instrument was conceived as a way to enable the endless repetition of the basic “strike and stop” motion, played from both the inside and the outside, so as to create a fully immersive experience.

Usually, three people play this circular instrument in a unit known as “benda putar”. However, this time we will try to play it together with other instruments so as to further explore its possibilities.

  • Ryo Morita


    Graduated from the Tokyo College of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Composition for Fine Arts and then obtained a Postgraduate degree at the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences. While undertaking the Composition degree at the Tokyo College of Music, Morita studied the Indonesian traditional ensemble gamelan. She currently works for Signal Compose Inc.

    In February 2022, Morita took part as a publicly recruited artist in the Sound Performance Platform held in the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater’s Mini theater.

  • Hiroshi Yamato

    Engineer, musician (guitarist, tenor sax, beat maker)

    Studied guitar interpretation under Ginji Ogawa and Motohiko Ichino, and Music Theory as well as tenor sax interpretation under Naruyoshi Kikuchi. Obtained a Master’s degree at IAMAS, where he researched rhythm under Masahiro Miwa. He is the company representative of Signal Compose Inc. and belongs to the doctoral course at the Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus.

    Yamato is also one of the chief editors at the Academy for Liberal Music in the Future (ALMF).

  • Kohei Kanayama


    Lecturer at the Penguin College of Music. 

    Two-beat and pop music songwriter at Satoshi & Kohe.

  • Tomohito Kichishima

    Drummer, composer, sound engineer

    Started playing the drums while studying at Waseda University and then learned under Kazumi Ikenaga.

    After graduating, he entered the Jazz Faculty at the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and successfully launched his professional career while studying there. His work spans a broad range of genres including jazz, progressive rock, free improvisation, idol and soundtrack music.

    On the other hand, Kichishima has also taken part in a large number of collaborative projects, undertakes composing and sound engineering work and has released many singles.

    Among them, the piano trio SKY TRIO and the ragtime quartet Thomson the Fox have gained ample recognition both nationally and internationally. 

    He defines himself as a sound traveler particularly skilled at using delicate notes and soft sounds together with wide dynamic ranges to create uniquely undulating pieces.


After living in the U.S. for 7 years, Sakura Tsuruta returned to Japan in 2017 and established her base in Tokyo to compose, offer live performances and DJ. In 2019, Bardo Records released her long-awaited single “Dystopia”, which made its way to the Beatport’s Top 100. In December of that same year, she performed audiovisual sets in collaboration with AR (augmented reality) artist asagi at MUTEK.JP.

The following year, she released her debut EP, “Made of Air”. In September 2020 she performed at MUTEK CONNECT, hosted by MUTEK MONTREAL, and in November she exhibited an installation work co-created with Manami Sakamoto at GLOBAL RING, a giant outdoor surround sound system of 35 meters in diameter located at Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park (Tokyo). She has also collaborated with brands such as GINZA SIX, THE NORTH FACE, and PERVERZE by providing music and live video performances.

In recent years, Tsuruta has also focused on radio content, curating a variety of music as one of the Hong Kong Community Radio’s monthly resident artists and making guest appearances on both domestic and international radio stations such as NTS Radio and Additionally, she has been invited as a special lecturer at universities and vocational schools in Japan and abroad, and since December 2021 has become a full-time lecturer in music production at the Creative Media Institute, a vocational school based in Yangon (Myanmar). We cannot take our eyes off this multi-disciplinary artist who transcends borders and genres in our diverse contemporary world.


Born in 1986 in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture. Works mainly in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Graffiti and street art influenced the start of his career in his late teens. He honed his skills in live painting with an emphasis on freestyle, and favors an abstract style that combines Japanese, nature, and urban imagery. In addition to his activities as a member of the art group Rinpa Eshidan, recently he has also become the supervisor of the radio media BEHIND THE WALL.
Instagram: @yusei_sagawa


This is a three-dimensional work that installs the diversity of life into images by using mathematical formulas used in computer graphics as genes and creating diverse patterns through genetic algorithms.

The work questions what nature and beauty are in a future where everything is computerized, beyond human society, and attempts to see the diversity of species itself as visual beauty.

Exhibit  : Gal Substrate

Why don’t you just make printed circuit boards as casually as you do stickers?
Display of original PCBs by gals for gals, introduction of how to make simple PCB data mainly for graphics, and display and sale of gal-den goods.

Twitter @GALDEN999
Instagram @galdenshikousaku

Description of Exhibition:Portrait of me holding up my smartphone

When a viewer stands in front of the work and holds up a smartphone, this two-dimensional work continuously generates a self-portrait of the viewer with a paint-like texture.
The unique surface applied by the artist’s original technique reflects the viewer’s image in an abstract manner, creating as many self-portraits as there are viewers.

Microscopic time lapse of muscle cells projected on display

Exhibit: FabCafe 10th Anniversary Memorial Goods

#MSFOT [Make Something Fab On Thursdays] is a Thursday night gathering of Loftwork and FabCafe staff to make things while drinking beer and eating food.
At the FabCafe 10th anniversary party, MSFOT is back with alumni! We plan to exhibit memorial goods related to the 10th anniversary.

Members of the day: Sonoka Sagara, Mariko Suzuki, Karin Inoue, Carol

Exhibit:Make FAB, Not War; Art for World Peace Popup Shop

For this exhibition, a new design titled “Make FAB, Not War” will be proposed. Through the “Make FAB, Not War” pop-up store selling various items and other art installations, the exhibition will raise funds to support Ukraine 

  • TAKE BATH NOT WAR, BATHday Party, Sento Locker Exhibit. Photo credit: IG: @yyc_photosquare

  • TAKE BATH NOT WAR, BATHday Party Goods. Photo credit: IG: @yyc_photosquare

Exhibit:Lennon Wall for Peace

As an extension of the Lennon Wall from the previous exhibition about Hong Kong protest art, DDDDDHK will produce a “Lennon Wall for Peace” to bring solidarity to the world suffering from war. Each message posted on this wall will unlock a donation from FabCafe to Ukraine.

  • DDDDDHK Lennon Wall, Photo credit: Wanda Proft

  • DDDDDHK Installation Art, Photo credit: Wanda Proft

After working at several restaurants in Tokyo, currently works at “No.” (Number) in Yoyogi Uehara. He works as a barista and bartender, and is in charge of event planning and menu development.
In addition, he is also involved in a wide variety of new fields, such as opening outside events, creating background music for stores, and creative direction, to enrich the way people connect with each other and with stores through food and beverage.
(Instagram) __marcy___

The theme is “NEW NORMAL (=new everyday life)

Rather than staging an extraordinary event, we imagined a new FabCafe “everyday life” for the next 10 years.

Based on the hypothesis that “if FabCafe were to operate as a café bar not only during the daytime but also at night,” we will propose coffee cocktails and a menu similar to that served at a café bar, with coffee, which has been the main focus since the establishment of FabCafe, as the main ingredient.

Please enjoy an adult “FabCafe&Bar” that is somewhat different from the usual.

Based in Kurume, Fukuoka, this is a challenging and creative ice cream brand based on the concept of “arts and crafts” and filled with craftsmanship and attention to detail in its ingredients.
Handmade and additive-free, the brand is sold mainly online and at pop-up stores throughout Japan. The brand offers seasonal flavors of ice cream that are rich in sensibility and beauty as art.

Instagram: @scream_icecream_

Countermeasures against new coronavirus infection

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, please do the following regarding your participation.
We appreciate your cooperation.

Please wear a mask.
Please refrain from participating if you are not feeling well.
Please disinfect your hands with antiseptic solution after coming to the store.
Please refrain from participating in the event if your local government has issued a call for self-restraint regarding going out or traveling.
The event may be cancelled if the government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, or Shibuya Ward requests that the store open for business or the workshop be canceled.

Timetable ※Subsequent updates to be determined


Doors Open

From 18:30

YUSEI SAGAWA live painting


Welcome speech, presentation and toast


Sar/on rails Band live performance


Sakura Tsuruta live performance




Date & Time

Sat, April 16, 2022 18:30 – 22:00 UTC+09:00





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