AWRD is a platform that utilizes a vast creator community to help accelerate product development

Today Loftwork, Inc., the global creative company headquartered in Tokyo, announced the worldwide launch of its new platform and service AWRD, which will enable businesses of all sizes to easily design, manage, and implement creative competitions with the aim to source and develop solutions.

As R&D costs rise, businesses are looking for alternative ways to accelerate their product development cycles and stay relevant. Competitions, including hackathons and idea generation sessions, provide business units with a cost-effective channel and process by which to source creative solutions – tapping into the collective creativity, passion, and fresh thinking that often exists outside of the company’s existing resource pools.

Loftwork, Inc. is uniquely positioned to manage creative competitions and design solutions; over the past 20 years, the global creative company has developed and nurtured a network of more than 30,000 creatives in 45 countries and across 12 disciplines and areas of expertise. Loftwork also has 10 FabCafe locations globally- these are physical spaces where anyone in its creative network can work, collaborate, and hold events.

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The design and development of the AWRD platform is informed by this expertise.

AWRD Key Features

Campaign Landing Pages
Organizers can launch a landing page for their campaign in under 10 minutes without the overhead of a design and engineering team.

Online Voting
Organizers have access to a minimalist voting system. Requiring just one click and no registration, voting is accessible to a broader audience.

Online Application/Screening 
Organizers can manage entries including the initial call, screening, and announcement of results in a streamlined fashion.

Direct Message System
Organizers can utilize AWRD’s direct messaging system which easily delivers important announcements like deadlines and event information. The messaging system also includes a chat interface where applicants can submit inquiries around technical issues; a dedicated AWRD team fields and responds these inquiries in a timely manner.

Database Management
Additionally, organizers have access to all data collected and securely archived from landing pages, entries, and participant communications.

Beyond the platform, AWRD services include working closely with clients to set the tone and theme of the competition by identifying legitimate judges based on topic area and expertise. For example, Loftwork has access to a wide innovator network including haptics/VR expert Professor Minamizawa of Keio University, Ars Electronica Managing Director Gerfried Stocker, and former Wired Japan editor-in-chief Kei Wakabayashi. 

Gerfried Stocker

Kei Wakabayashi

“We are excited to serve as partners to businesses looking for truly creative solutions.” Mitsu Suwa, CEO of Loftwork, Inc., said. “Over the years, we have developed the essential process, tools, and relationships necessary to unlock the imaginations and problem-solving skills of creatives around the world. By working with them, we’ve already helped clients like Discovery Channel, YAMAHA, Olympus, and Pentel identify and begin to develop the most impressive and viable solutions for their needs.”

Discovery Channel Award– Sourcing Creative Content for an International Media Company

The team at Loftwork worked closely with the international media company to customize and launch an award campaign – from beginning to end. The result was an aggregation of unique content submissions from creators nationwide – ideas Discovery Channel would not ordinarily have access to without Loftwork’s network. More details: Discovery Channel’s emerging storytellers showcase the unique humans of Japan.

YouFab Global Creative Award – Tapping into an Expansive Network of Creatives for Premiere Fabrication Awards

The winner of the Grand Prize at 2017’s YouFab Global Creative Awards– Artist Amy Karle 3d printing bioprinting

Finalists of YouFab Global Creative Awards 2018.

The YouFab Global Creative Awards is a call for fabrication concepts that provoke new questions and challenge norms. The team at Loftwork executed the campaign and vetted for high quality submissions. The 2019 Awards led to 285 entries collected from 43 countries. Some past award winners include Amy Karle (Regenerative Reliquary: Fabricating a relic of the future), one of the BBC 100 Women, and Kazuya Kawasaki (AI Sustainable Fashion With Speculative Designer Kazuya Kawasaki), a Forbes Japan 30 under 30 honoree. More details: YouFab 2019 

Businesses can start a free trial and set up a campaign on AWRD today. Email the AWRD team for a free trial here:

Loftwork Inc.

Loftwork is the parent company of FabCafe and a creative company dedicated to making a positive impact through design with a global community of innovators. Aside from providing innovative design solutions to global clients across various industries, Loftwork also operates a number of owned services and platforms. Learn more.

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