MTRL KYOTO Creator in Residence Fall/Winter 2016

Open call for creators to work remotely in Kyoto this Fall/Winter


This is an open call from MTRL KYOTO for short term residence partners. Creators who are selected for the residency will be able to use MTRL KYOTO’s space and tools for anywhere from a week to a month and work on projects relating to the theme that will be decided for each residency term.



・Free use of the MTRL KYOTO coworking space (wifi, power outlets)
・Special discount price for using the laser cutter and 3D printers
・Special discount prices for purchasing materials
・Opportunity to present your work at meetups and events
・Overnight stay is permissible (shower and basic amenities will be provided)
(Check our website for an overview of our facilities >> )

・Residents will be asked to complete at least one work (object, product, prototype, etc.) during their residence term.
・Additionally we ask that they provide a simple report describing the results of their residence term.
・In addition to their residency work, residents are permitted to use the space for their own personal work (freelance, remote work, etc.).
(For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the lower portion of this text titled “Partnership Terms”.)

Fall/Winter 2016 Theme: “Experimenting with textile-based interfaces”

MTRL KYOTO is home to a collection of textiles and textile-related materials such as traditional Kyoto fabrics like Nishijin-ori and Tango Chirimen, canvas made in Okayama, new types of fabric developed by textile manufacturers, and even waste product created during the denim manufacturing process.
We’re looking for designers and creators with an interest in working with textiles such as those mentioned above to promote the use of textiles in interface design and unlock new potential uses of textiles.

During the residency period, MTRL KYOTO’s 2nd floor will become a curated space where residents will be able to use and inspect textile related products and technology selected by MTRL KYOTO. Additionally, MTRL KYOTO staff will offer support for using the laser cutter, 3D printers, and other digital fabrication tools.




Outline of Open Call

・Creators who work with textiles to make products, fashion, etc.
・Creators who are making textiles or fibers.
・Startups creating products or services using fabric or other similar materials.
・And anyone else who is interested in working with fabrics at MTRL KYOTO over a short residency.

* This open call is not limited just to those with expertise in textile related fabrication; we welcome anyone who has an interest in any type of expression related to the theme “textile-based interfaces”, regardless of field or age.
* We are also open to creative teams, as well as those of you who maybe typically work alone but want to put together a team for this residency project.

[We are looking for creators who]
・Are looking for new approaches to interface design.
・Are in pursuit of new materials and ways of expression relating to textiles.
・Are interested in creating products that blend traditional materials with new technology.
・Are interested in spending a short stay in Kyoto while working on projects, doing field work, and meeting and exchanging with local creators and craftsmen.
・Are looking to get out of the house or the same old office and get a change of environment.
・Are interested in working with laser cutters and other digital fabrication tools.

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[Time Frame]
From October 2016 to January 2017. Shortest possible residency length 1 week, longest 1 month.

[How to apply]
Send us an email at

[Application Deadline]
You can apply at any time during the residency time frame (October 2016 to January 2017).

please carefully read the following points.
・Residents are responsible for all transportation costs as well as living expenses during the residency term.
・Residents are permitted to sleep at MTRL KYOTO as well as use the showers when working late at night, but please keep in mind that MTRL KYOTO is not a hotel or a hostel. We ask that residents bring or prepare any necessary items for overnight stay.
・Please see the partnership terms and conditions outlined below.

Partnership Terms and Conditions
(1) Residents will be asked to complete at least one work (object, product, prototype, etc.) during their residence term. Residents’ work as well as their creative process will be published by MTRL KYOTO on social media and on our websites. All work done during the residency will remain the intellectual property of the resident.
(2) Additionally we ask that they provide a simple report describing the results of their residence term and provide it to MTRL KYOTO.
(3) In addition to their residency work, residents are permitted to use the coworking space for their own personal work (freelance, remote work, etc.), however, they will not be able to have exclusive use to tools. We ask that residents share the usage of the tools with general customers.
(4) Residents are required to work at MTRL KYOTO during business hours at least three days a week for at least two hours.
(5) In the event that we are holding an event at MTRL KYOTO, depending on the time of day, use of the space and certain tools may be restricted.
(6) When using the space for meetings, any guests other than the resident will be required to pay the standard fee for coworking.
(7) In addition to these terms we also ask that you kindly comply to rules that apply to all general MTRL KYOTO users.
* Detailed explanation of each of these terms and conditions are contained within the protocol guide which will be given to residents along with the results of their applications.

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