FabCafe Kyoto opens in Gojo Kawaramachi on June 9!

FabCafe Kyoto opened on June 9, 2017 on 1F of the Creative Lounge in Gojo Kawaramachi, Kyoto “MTRL KYOTO“.
The counter facing the road has a coffee stand where you can get coffee to go, and you can eat snacks and sweets in the lounge and on the terrace. It has a uniquely Kyoto style menu, with delicious single origin coffee ordered from an up-and-coming roaster, Japanese tea, and craft beer brewed locally.
It was newly developed as a creative craft cafe, where customers can use the 3D printer and laser cutter (for a fee).

MTRL KYOTO was opened in December 2015 by Loftwork Inc. as a creative coworking establishment, with digital fabrication machines such as a 3D printer and laser cutter, and unique materials from both Japan and overseas. It is used by many people, such as creators and artisans, and tourists and locals, and has hosted over 150 creative events a year.
Until now, it has been run as a drop in style coworking establishment, but the company has started the new”FabCafe” brand of digital craft cafe, which is being developed in Shibuya, Hida, and worldwide, to respond to the desire for a more relaxed space, where one can sit and rest with a coffee or dessert.
FabCafe Kyoto and MTRL KYOTO are located in the Gojo area, which has recently flourished as a creative spot in Kyoto. With the space, a renovated 110 year old wooden building, and the characteristic materials and tools within, they aim to create a place with a mixture of tradition/reform and digital/analogue.

FabCafe Kyoto

– Opening times: 11:00 – 19:00 (*closed over New Year’s)
– Location: MTRL KYOTO 1F 554 Motoshiogama-cho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, 600-8119
– Telephone number: 075-708-2593 (*MTRL KYOTO public)
– Web:

Fee system

How to use fee available area period
Cafe 1 order (‎¥‎500-) 1F up to 3 hours
Coworking  1 order (‎¥‎500-) + ‎¥‎1000 1F,2F available all day
Fab Tool  separate fee for each machine


FabCafe Kyoto opening celebrations, Instagram campagin

Anyone who orders a drink at FabCafe, stamps the cup sleeve with their favorite stamp, and uploads a photo of the cup in a famous Kyoto location on Instgram will get a free bagel (half size) next time they visit (until June 30, 2017).

FabCafe Kyoto/MTRL KYOTO event information.

– June 9 (Fri) -Panasonic smart coffee roasting machine”The Roast“roasting & sample booths (limited time)
– June 9 (Fri) – 20 (Tues)”Get湯!” collaboration original drink sales &  FAB experience
– June 17 (Sat) Fab introductory lesson on the laser cutter
– June 21 (Weds) Fab Meetup Kyotovol.16 -FabCafe Kyoto Opening Party-

Please go to the MTRL KYOTO event page for details and inquiries.


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