Introducing a bigger, better FabCafe Tokyo.

FabCafe Global expansion doesn’t just refer to more locations, it also means expansion to existing locations. As popularity for the maker movement grew over the past few years, more and more people have flooded into FabCafe.

During anytime of day, every seat of FabCafe Tokyo is taken. In one of these seats, you will probably find projection mapping artist, Shuhei Matsuyama, or ABC Coffee founder, Alvin Cheung. Misanto Komano may be at the laser cutter putting a modern twist on the traditional Japanese wooden mosaic method of yosegi. Daisuke Akatsuka of Mozilla is probably there prototyping with their new WOT board CHIRIMEN installed with Firefox OS. Chances are high that you may even meet FabCafe Bangkok Founder, Kalaya Kovindish, in town from Thailand.

As you can see, our community has made FabCafe Tokyo their home away from home. And as you family grows, so does your household. Thus, it was time for an expansion!

*FabCafe Tokyo Expansion Floor Plan

FabCafe Tokyo has added 85 meters squared to include more seating space and a fully functional kitchen. This larger kitchen allows the FabCafe Tokyo team to expand their menu and even feature food startups within this space.

New menu items include delicious salads and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients such as zucchini, eggplant, kohlrabi, yellow beets, smoked salmon, and chicken. You can choose from 12 ingredients and 3 dressings to customize your favorite salad and sandwich.

FabCafe Tokyo is now a great spot for dinner with offerings that include stewed pork shoulder with seasonal vegetables and tomato stew with homemade sausage.

Summer sweets and refreshing smoothies have found their way into the kitchen of FabCafe Tokyo too! Don’t forget to try the shaved ice with tropical mango or teramisu. Lemon pound cake is also a favorite.

A new multi-display featuring six 65-inch screens will project people and projects from all over the world. By day, this large display allows daily visitors to get an inside peek into the happens of FabCafe’s all around the world. At night, this display allows the larger crowds to FabCafe Tokyo events better visibility during presentations.

Possibly our favorite part of the expansion is the addition of a Roland DG high-precision UV-LED printer LEF-12 will also be joining the FabCafe Machine Family.




*Example of beautiful UV Print made at FabCafe Tokyo




You can visit the newly renovated FabCafe Tokyo at Dogenzaka Pia 1F, 1 Chome-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Try the Latte and a fun project on the Fab Menu! Bring a friend, bring a date, or visit for an offsite meeting.

Traveling to Tokyo anytime soon? Let the FabCafe Tokyo team know on our Facebook Page!

Huge congratulations to the FabCafe Tokyo team! Thank you for you endless hours, amazing design aesthetic, and wonderful addition to the FabCafe Global Network!

Check out more photos here!!

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