FabCafe Toulouse is open now!

Bonjour ! Bienvenu à la ville Rose, Toulouse !

The first official FabCafe in France opens its doors on September 23rd, 2015 in Artilect FabLab Toulouse. Artilect is the first FabLab in France which was established in 2009 and has more than 970 members today. Our members include engineers, designers, architects, students, kids and senior citizens. In these years, plenty of brilliant ideas were born and many beautiful projects were realized through collaboration or independently in Artilect.

Artilect is based in city of new technologies and innovation. Most of our members are people with technical backgrounds or design skills looking for new solutions to realize their creative ideas. We have the machines to answer the requests of our members. But we lack a calm space for our members. In order to offer them and future members a better environment to work in, we need a more convivial and cozier space. Furthermore, democratizing digital fabrication to the general public is one of the concepts of the FabLab. We would like to have a more diversified public to come to our place and show them the changes digital fabrication can bring to their life. One said that people would work better and be more productive if they work in a place with a good atmosphere. Having a FabCafe near the FabLab can help us transform our factory-like workshop, that only appeals to a certain public, to a place accessible for all. 

In FabCafe + FabLab Toulouse, our current members can:

  • Use the machines to realize their projects;
  • Relax and work tranquilly with others in our café zone;
  • Share their projects with others or get together to create a new project accompanied by a good cup of coffee.

In Fabcafe + FabLab Toulouse, new comers can:

  • Learn what digital fabrication is by joining conferences and events;
  • Participate in workshops and discover how to create something with new technologies;
  • See the work realized by our members and get some inspiration




Artilect is the first place with both a FabLab and a FabCafe. In our FabLab you can find machines (high tech machines and low tech ones), an eletronic zone and a Bio FabLab. In the Fabcafe we have a cozy zone where you can take a rest and a counter where you can order a good cup of coffee. Many workshops with different subjects are organised by Artilect. Here the public can learn all about digital fabrication and realize their ideas in a convivial working space. FabLab + FabCafe: this beautiful combination will get people from different horizons together to exchange their savoir-faire and learn from each other.  We can expect many interesting projects and astonishing creations to be made in Artilect in the near future.


Do you want to find more about us? Don't hesitate to visite us. We are sure that you will have a great time here.

About Artilect :

  • Established by Nicolas LASSABE and Lionel DESSIRIEIX in Fabuary 2009;
  • Became the first FabLab in France in August 2010;
  • Based in a 4000m² building in downtown Toulouse since Octobre 2012;
  • Artilect is a FabLab, Artilect Lab (a FabLab for profesionals since November 2014) and a FabCafe (officially member since September 23rd, 2015);
  • Over 970 members in the FabLab;
  • Owns 2 laser cutters, 6 3D printers, 2 CNCs, 1 Vinyl cutter with more machines coming soon;
  • Organises an international Festival: FabLab Festival each May.



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