Mushroom-based Material EXHIBITION – “WTF! We The Future”

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The WTF (We The Future) Exhibition and event series at FabCafe Tokyo is an opportunity redefine what future technology is by simply asking the question of "What is The Future?". Join us to explore the potential of mycelium mushrooms as a material for a more sustainable future.

Sat, September 24, 2022 – Sun, October 2, 2022  UTC+09:00

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The WTF (We The Future) Exhibition is about redefining what future technology is by simply asking the question of “What is The Future?”. Mycotech Lab (“MYCL”), a mushroom mycelium producer for a lineup of sustainable mushroom-based materials, realized that future technology should be an innovation which will make sure there will be a future for our children, utilize waste instead of becoming pollutant, bio-based tech instead of fossil based, circular cycle instead of linear process, and growing material without killing any animals.

To make people aware of this campaign, MYCL has decided to create more impact with a bigger market. Japan is a country that fits the MYCL vision and mission and will become a second home to launch an exhibition and MYCL Japan facility in Nagano, Japan.

This exhibition represents a stepping stone to introduce MYCL and MYCL products and materials, which are made from 100% from mushrooms, to the wider global community.



    2022.9.24 Sat – 2022.10.02 Sun
    Weekdays: 8:30~20:00
    Saturday, Sunday and Holidays : 10:00~20:00

    FabCafe Tokyo
    1-22-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo


    • 9.24 (Sat) 18:00~ Exhibition Opening Party (walk-ins welcome)
    • 10.1 (Sat) Mushroom Leather FAB Workshop (reservation required)
    • 9.25 (Sun) ~ 10.2 (Sun)  Exhibition tour (reservation required, contact busdev@mycl.bio)
      *Program are subject to change

      See details below!

    What’s inside the  “We The Future” Exhibition ?

    MYCL and FabCafe will present an experience to meet in person the unique materials created from mushrooms including Mylea™, Biobo, and the MYCL™ Composite.

    On display are several end products using mushroom materials in collaboration with many great collaborators from Indonesia like Hijack, PALA Nusantara, APAKABAR and others.

    Aspiring mushroom material explorers can also take part in a workshop utilizing Mylea™ to create their own mushroom products to take home.


    • WTF Exhibition Opening PARTY

      Join us for the Opening Party of the WTF Exhibition on September 24th from 18:00~ to meet MYCL members and get a first look at the Mycelium Goods Showcase. Limited edition Mylea coffee sleeves created for the Exhibition Opening and Japan factory launch celebration will be available for purchase!

    • Mycelium Goods SHOWCASE

      View the Mycelium Goods Showcase throughout the exhibition (9/24/2022~10/2/2022).

      Many goods were created through collaboration and include sustainable sandals made of mycelium leather, sophisticated watch straps, and beautiful waste couture jackets.


      Curious to create your own product using mushroom leather? Join us on October 1st to become acquainted with Mylea™ (Mycelium Leather), a vegan leather product. Leading the workshop will be FabCafe Fab manager and leather artisan, Sakai Kina, and MYCL members.

      Spaces are limited. Book your seat! 

    • Exhibition TOUR

      Book a 20 minute tour with the MYCL team to help you redefine your material future and love mushrooms even more!

      You can book your appointment directly with the MYCL team. Please email with the subject “WTF Exhibition Tour Request” to: busdev@mycl.bio

    • Photo Credit: Hijack Sandals

    • A new silhouette from our slipper sandals collection. Enhanced with environmentally friendly Mylea™ leather for the primary upper material. Hi-Flex insole for comfort and long-lasting cushioning with arch support. Available in two different outsoles: Mimic Mylea™ enhanced with Hi-Tact and Mimic Mylea™ Blach with VIBRAM Ripple outsole for extra grip and comfort.


    • The first ever watch strap made using Mylea™, a leather like material grown out of mushroom mycelium. In collaboration with PALA Nusantara a well renowned Indonesian artisan watches.

      Available at Open Sea.

    • Photo credit: MYCL

    • Both MYCL and APAKABAR are striving to reduce waste and taking a step to being more sustainable for the environment.

      This collaborative collection, which includes earrings, keychains, and clothes designed by Praviniani (CEO and designer of APAKABAR), successfully reuses and adds more value to the unused mycelium leather waste and are now available for purchase in MYCL Webstore.

    • Shrüm Stool

      Shrüm is a truncated tetrahedral object that can be used as a humble stool. The modularity makes it applicable to a wide variety of furniture and spatial arrangement. It comes in warm natural beige color with irregular wood chips texture. 

      The “modular but organic” appearance comes from weight-to-strength and geometry optimization.

      An eco conscious stool for your sustainable future.

      More products for the Showcase to be announced!





    Date & Time

    Sat, September 24, 2022 – Sun, October 2, 2022 UTC+09:00


    FabCafe Tokyo
    150-0043 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-22-7 Dogenzaka Pier 1F
    tel. 03-6416-9190
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