Event Report

FAB Workshop “CNY Mahjong Tiles Engraving” Report

FabCafe Hong Kong is organizing workshops to inspire creativity and create fun learning experiences for our participants. We mix digital fabrication and traditional craftsmanship, and explore new and old ways of making!

Chinese New Year 2020 is starting this weekend on January 24th, and we will enter the year of the rat! Among the traditional festivities, many families will play mahjong together. In preparation for the new year, we held a workshop on January 18th where the participants designed, engraved and colored their own mahjong tiles – for decoration or gifts.

First, the participants designed the motif of their mahjong tiles by drawing it on papers. With the Adobe Capture app, we captured the image and converted it into a file that can be engraved onto the mahjong tiles with a laser cutter!

Afterwards, the participants painted directly on the mahjong tiles, and used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. When the paint was dry, they simply scraped off the excess paint to reveal the beautiful and colorful results.

Find more pictures from the workshop on Flickr.

We organize workshops regularly, and you can find information on upcoming events on our Facebook page. We are happy to receive suggestions from the community for new things to make. Please join us next time!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!