Event Report

Toulouse YouFab 2016 KickOff Party

FabCafe Toulouse has a great pleasure to welcome all the guests to join us in You Fab 2016 KickOff Party on September 15th 2016. The purpose of this evening is to promote YouFab 2016 Creative Award and its special Prize offered by YAMAMA Corporation. The programme of evening:


  • Presentations : prensented by Mariko SUZUKI, FabCafe Tokyo, and Taishi KAMIYA, the YAMAHA Corporation. After the presentations;

  • Roundtable “the switch to your emotion” : 4 makers get together in this evening to talk about their emotions and passions that they have in their creations. They are in different fields and have different passions in their life. But they have one thing in comment. That is all of them are makers in digital fabrication;

  • Cocktail and animations : it is the moment where guest exchange their thoughts about the evening. Meanwhile, some members of Artilect FabLab present their last works realized in FabLab.

Our guests know FabCafe Toulouse well. They are curious about what other FabCafes do. Thanks to Mariko’s presentation, our guests can know more about FabCafe Tokyo. The interior design and the activities held in FabCafe Tokyo impress them a lot. They hope FabCafe Toulouse could organize more the activities as Tokyo one. They also wait for FabCafe Toulouse can have more collaborations projects and more exchanges with other FabCafe members so they could know what other makers do outside of France.


About the YouFab Creative Award, our guests feel the qualities of challengers in former contests are high. Some guests who tend to participate in this year contest think their levels might be inferior than that of the challengers from other countries. After having discussions with them, they understand that  YouFab Creative Award is great occasion they can have to share their creative ideas with other makers. Moreover, this creative award allows their creations have a global visibility. For the YAMAHA Award, ones think the concept of this award is interesting and decent. They assume the enrollment request of this special prize is higher that the one of YouFab Award.

Our guests are fond of the roundtable. They have already known the works of roundtable speakers. But, it is the first time we ask the creators to talk about their emotions and their passions when they create and develope their works. The speakers are glad to share these informations with others. They believe if people know more about the details behind their creations,they can understand works better.

Finally, thanks our member for bring and presenting their creations to YouFab 2016 KickOff Party.  Music Lab team presents their interactive instrument*. Christian Cenac shows  the train** that he realized by 3D printer. Vincent Scattlon birngs his photomathon and accesories*** so the guests can take some photos and have some amusing memories from this evening. Gilles Azzaro exhibits two of his arts pieces****. Thank for their supports, our 60 guests have a splendid evening.   


* the sounds that music Lab uses in this instrument are all created by the instruments of YAMAHA Corporation

** the train that Mr. Cenac realises is a model that ones could only find during the WWII. Just with an old photo, he is success to make a copy by using 3D printer

*** all the decoration parts and accessoires of photomaton booth are made by laser cutter. Taking photo becomes funnier than ever when we uses the accessories that Vincent designs specially for his machine

****Gilles is a voice sculpture. He is fond of turning something invisible to visible. With 3D printing technology, he let us see how the voice wave looks like.