Drawing To Go – Sketch on a coffee cup canvas

FabCafe Global is hosting an event where you draw on a takeaway coffee cup! Come if you love coffee, love cafes, or just want to meet lots of fun people!

Cafes are a kind of intersection where different sorts of people gather. They are a place where people meet, talk, enjoy food and drink, sometimes even fight. A place where collaboration is born. It would not be an exaggeration to say that since long ago cafes have been responsible for creating the unique culture of a period. FabCafe, located all over the world, is no exception. Each region's FabCafe has given life to various communities.


Now FabCafe will host "Drawing To Go", an event where everyone gets a takeaway coffee and draws on the cup after finishing the coffee, in Tokyo (Japan), Barcelona (Spain), Bangkok (Thailand), and Toulouse (France). What will it look like when each of these region's creators sketch scenes from their own region's cafes?



The event date for each FabCafe 

The date of the event for each region is as follows. Click the location to see the details in each FabCafe. Come and join us 🙂
Barcelona  – Ocotber 5th- 10th
Tokyo   –   October 10th
Bangkok –  October 17th-18th
Toulouse October 26th-31st

Taipei- October 31st



What is Drawing To Go?

Drawing To Go is a project started by Mariya Suzuki, a Tokyo-based illustrator. Mariya's takeaway coffee cups, with everyday scenes from the cafes she has visited sketched on them, are getting attention on the internet.


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