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November 8, 2023

“Melting Reality” Exhibition for the Bangkok Design Week 2023

Augmented artworks by international NEWVIEW creators drive the "urban‘NICE’zation" of Bangkok city in a project led by FabCafe Bangkok and FabCafe Taipei

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The NEWVIEW Project is a cross-country, cross-discipline community of xR experience creators, co-curated by Psychic VR Lab, PARCO, Loftwork and FabCafe. The project aims to create new lifestyles and cultural approaches in the fields of art, music, fashion, and design in a 3D world, allowing people to cross the boundary between reality and imagination.

NEWVIEW pushes the boundaries of augmented reality.

Formerly a 2-month xR work camp, the NEWVIEW school evolved into the xR Field Lab program, encouraging creators to explore the interaction of people with AR in spatial settings. Furthermore, collaboration with National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan led to the “xR campus” course, where AR interactions within the university campus were explored.

The results from the first xR Field Lab season and the university students were exhibited at Bangkok Design Week 2023.

The exhibitions featured a total of 40 works!

The Bangkok Design Week has long been a fixture on the Bangkok event calendar, fostering the growth of creative industries and elevating Bangkok’s status as a UNESCO Creative City. Organized by Thailand’s Creative Economy Agency (CEA) in collaboration with numerous institutions, over 2,000 designers and creative businesses, the event draws an estimated 400,000 visitors domestically and internationally.

The official event poster for the “Melting Reality” exhibitions.

In its sixth edition, the festival focused on human-centric city planning, emphasizing the delicate balance between economics, quality of life, and the environment through the teme of “urban‘NICE’zation”. Its ultimate aim was to serve as a platform for creative individuals to showcase innovative ideas for improving cities.

The selected NEWVIEW projects were shown across three inspiring exhibitions under the title of “Melting Reality”.

NEWVIEW Global exhibition at FabCafe Bangkok.

30 works by creators from around the world were selected and exhibited at FabCafe Bangkok Back building 3F.

NEWVIEW XR FieldLAB at the TCDC RoofTop

2 works from Thai creators were exhibited on the Thailand Creative & Design Center (popularly known as TCDC) rooftop.

NEWVIEW XR FieldLAB in Charoenkrung district

8 works from Thai creators were exhibited in the Charoenkrung and Talab-Noi districts of Bangkok city.

Participants enjoyed exciting immersive experiences across Bangkok city.

How can we reveal and integrate digital data into our urban environments? While widely diverse in content and approach, all of the invited creators and students explored exciting ways in which augmented technology could add hidden digital layers to our cities, enhancing daily life experiences beyond physical destinations.

Visitors of all ages were encouraged to explore and play around!

  • Thai creators list:

    • Rukkit : Beast Crew
    • Kaiju Smuggler : Can we be friends?
    • 27 June Studio : Floating Green
    • TAM:DA : มังกรตลาดน้อย
    • Chakrapan Suwanphanich : Tem & Pippo’s TukTuk Ride
    • Thaipface : Thai Type in Motion: Get Low, Bedazzled, Hey Taxi!
    • Hear & Found : Door to Nature
    • Benjarat Aiemrat : The MYST Sweet Bar
    • GearWalker : trafficJam
  • International creators list:

    • Sid and Geri : Party without me
    • Goodboixian : GAZE
    • Po-Hao : Collage of hybridity
    • Kidd Tai : Blow Dream
    • Wu, Kuan Ying : Clap Clap
    • Taipei is a giraffe : Lollisonic AR : Tutu is ver hungry.
    • Claire Wang : Inner-verse project
    • Sydney Wang & Antony Chiu : Mindfulness -meOWOditation with your cat
    • Jasmine Ow & Lisan Hsiao(Waves from island) : Your body is an ocean
    • Kyle Li : Sherlock Holmes & The Dimensional Pipe
    • JACKSON kaki : Hogushi Water

  • Project: Beast Crew

  • by Rukkit

    Rukkit is a highly creative graphic designer and street art artist renowned for their unique animal-themed structures and characters. In “Beast Crew,” created in partnership with Kaiju Smuggler and FabCafe Bangkok, Rukkit introduces a gang of monsters featuring symbols of fortune. The first member, Bullie, symbolizes prosperity and good fortune in the financial realm, echoing the concept of a bull market. The project succeeded in engaging visitors, encouraging them to participate actively rather than passively observe, offering options for interactive design in a virtual world.

  • Project: Can we be friends?

  • by Kaiju Smuggler

    Kaiju Smuggler, a collaborative effort by two 3D designers, is dedicated to modernizing Thai beliefs for the younger generation. “Can we be friends?” brings Tai Nham (Sawreal Rabbit) designed by 3puck (Tripuck Supawattana) into the world of Art Toys in collaboration with the FabCafe Bangkok team. The result is an augmented reality (AR) game where players engage with monsters amid skyscrapers. Their ultimate vision is to expand this concept throughout Bangkok to foster community interaction and boost the local economy.


  • by 27 JUNE STUDIO

    27 JUNE Studio, led by the creative Pawimol Samsen and tech enthusiast Chayanon Tocharoen, is a design studio in Bangkok that seamlessly merges technology and design to craft immersive experiences. Their project, “FLOATING GREEN,” empowers the audience to co-create a verdant space by selecting trees, flowers, and elements, naming their garden, and sharing it. These sky gardens come together in a collaborative cityscape, emphasizing that each individual is a vital part of the collective city.

  • Project: Mangkorn (Dragon) Talat Noi

  • by TAM:DA

    TAM:DA repurposes all sorts of objects into almost anything, from endearing toys to everyday utensils. His project, “Mangkorn (Dragon) Talat Noi” represents the ancient Talat Noi community, primarily inhabited by Thai individuals of Chinese descent. The dragon’s body, constructed from ordinary objects, embodies the community’s vibrant way of life. The dragon highlights that accessible and understandable AR interactions, whether for entertainment or utility, are bound to spread if beneficial for the city.

  • Project: Tem & Pippo’s TukTuk Ride

  • by Chakrapan Suwanphanich

    Chakrapan Suwanphanich is an art director and graphic designer with a rich portfolio of work for prominent brands, both in Thailand and internationally. In his project, “Tem & Pippo’s TukTuk Ride,” he utilizes an array of virtual artwork to address contemporary issues, evoke a sense of self-love, support urban planning, and foster an appreciation for history in the Charoen Krung district. This endeavor is driven by a desire to make technology accessible and human-centered, particularly in educational and exploratory contexts.

  • Project: Thai Type in Motion "Get Low", "Bedazzled", and "Hey Taxi!"


    THAIPFACE is a digital drawing book celebrating Thai characters through innovative design, featuring experimental Thai fonts, reinterpretations of traditional characters, and animated words. Their “Thai Type in Motion” project merges digital and physical elements for an interactive experience. They aim to expand the concept of “Thainess”, highlighting the “Sai Yor” dance subculture and promoting physical activity, while foreseeing increased use of AR technology in education and beyond.

  • Project: Door to Nature

  • by Hear & Found

    The Hear & Found team serve as sound collectors, storytellers, and designers to convey Thailand’s cultural diversity to a wider audience. Their project, “Door to Nature,” aimed to bring the sounds of remote areas to everyone, specifically the Pow Karen ethnic group, through a digital format, allowing people to immerse themselves in the community’s atmosphere. By utilizing AR technology, they created a bridge between urban and natural areas, fostering an appreciation for nature and remote communities.

  • Project: The MYST Sweet Bar

  • by Benjarat Aiemrat

    Freelance graphic designer, artist, and special lecturer, Benjarat Aiemrat employs experimental methods to create identity-rich projects. The “MYST Sweet Bar” fuses technology and cuisine to narrate Bangkok’s story using AR, transforming food into a tangible memory of the past and highlighting the role of the river in uniting diverse people and reflecting cultural influences. In this project, AR technology becomes a potential tool to enhance value for local restaurants, including connections to well-being through medically-informed recipes.

  • Project: trafficJam

  • by GearWalker

    Tanapon Kitmuti, or T.K. GearWalker, an independent creative technologist and visiting professor, imparts knowledge in games development, robots, VR/AR/XR, and AI at various universities. His project, “trafficJam,” allows players to create music with their fingertips with the aim of easing road-related stress. It serves as a musical response to the chaos and unpredictability of city traffic, offering a rhythmic experience with references to our road networks, and transforming transportation constraints into musical freedom.

The NEWVIEW xR Field Lab exhibitions at Bangkok Design Week 2023 was a testament to the convergence of creativity and technology, marking a significant milestone in the realm of augmented reality. They served as a platform for emerging creators to explore and showcase their innovative projects, emphasizing the potential of xR in redefining urban spaces and enriching our daily lives, and offered a glimpse into a future where physical and digital realms intertwine seamlessly. 

How can we make urban “nicer” for everyone? The augmented world holds a myriad of solutions, and FabCafe stands ready to empower its creators.

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    This articles is edited by FabCafe Global.

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