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July 3, 2016

FabCafe 4 Your Business: Corporate Services

FabCafe Global Editorial Team

Dozens of people come to FabCafe everyday to enjoy it’s many maker amenities, now we are also proud to offer our unique corporate services to outside companies and schools. Services like collaborative production modeling, team building workshops for companies, creative events, branding campaigns with limited edition merchandising, etc can all be custom tailored to your needs. And it’s all thanks to collaborative creation and the cutting edge technology made accessible to everyone by FabCafe

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We FABricate for Your Company

We know you want to showcase your uniqueness, and luckily we know exactly how to achieve this goal.

We’re anxious to unite forces and create something truly spectacular together.


  • Gift your audience with a limited edition, one time only custom souvenirs.
  • Personalize card holders for each one of your clients.
  • Or feed them your logo or slogan (yes, we can engrave on food).
  • Surprise your ‘Worker of the Year’ with a trophee that’s actually worth winning.
  • Dress your shop’s wall with over 500 limited edition figurines.
  • Produce a model of your new car in real scale….


The new technology of digital fabrication has developed rapidly these last years, allowing the customization and production of totally unique objects, creating original pieces from start to finish rapidly (because time is precious).

That means better crafted, 100% customized products at a rate of productivity never before possible. FabCafe provides otherwise inaccessible tools so your business has access to it’s own infinite unique creativity.

We do e-very-thing.


finappsparty-2015_22966038275_o FinApps Party Maker Edition. Co-organized event with CaixaBank enterprise.

DSC_0107 Laser engraved cake for Biscuits Barcelona & MOB.

2 Products from the collaboration between MUJI & FabCafe Barcelona.

_C6A7968 Print Show for Google #cityexperts.


Visit FabCafe Barcelona

“What can we do with digital fabrication?”

“I would love to know what is going on at FabCafe Barcelona. Why is this place so special?”

“What are the latest trends in digital FABrication and how could we apply those to our company?

“I would like to visit the space with my students / with my company.

All these questions and a lot more can answered by joining us in this insightful experience of discovering FabCafe Barcelona! AKA Take a tour!

Tours can be scheduled by date and time in groups of 2 to 30 people.


4Group of entepreneurs during a visit in FabCafe Barcelona.


Structure of a visit

(this is an experience that can be used as an example for the structure)

  1. Presentation and description of the activities (10 minutes).
  2. Introduction to FabCafe Global project (30 min).
  3. How-to-laser-cut mini workshop (30 minutos).
  4. Meet the 3D Printer: technologies, materials, trends, design tools and resources (30 minutes).
  5. The attendees will be gifted with a lasered, customized souvenir.


  • Price: 35€ / person (the price may change according to the content of the whole experience)
  • Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Staff: 1 person

Workshop and Training sessions for Companies and Schools

We offer schools and companies the opportunity to take part in workshops using all the digital fabrication tools and the physical FabCafe Barcelona and MOB (coworking area) spaces. We train students and professional teams using dynamic and innovative methodologies (we promise no one’s falling asleep during these classes).


12Workshop in collaboration with TimeOut Barcelona.


‘Problems’ are opportunites to learn and innovate. We believe in growing knowledge to facilitate problem-solving, but further expanding this database by continually testing and expanding our knowledge. We’re building bigger, better problem solvers.

By combining theoretical-practical sessions and challenges we find solutions as a team, empowering participants to be that much more powerful together.

Team building works by proposing activities and challenges to one team and give them tools and the appropriate environment to enhance team work and your own individual abilities.


CI6vMfJWEAATujf Session for entrepreneurs BizzBarcelona 2015 fair.

Where? How? When?

Either you come to our home (at Calle Bailen, 11) or we go to yours; we have no limits. Even an ocean can’t stop us from finding the time and place most convenient for you.


Session of Ultracamp inside MOB / FabCafe Barcelona facilities.

Content we work with

Physical prototyping
Digital prototyping
Raspberry Pi
2D & 3D Design
3D Printing
Laser cut & Laser engraving
Design Thinking
Rapid prototyping
Trends and new technology applications

We/Code 2015 Edition. One-day coding for everyone.


Comprehensive Workshops

Hackathons are a one day product exploration open to the public to create a new idea for a specific product.

Product Brainstorming
Sessions through which to find alternative and creative ways to use an specific product.

Product Hack
Sessions to find other usage for a product by shaping, adapting, and modifying it.

Innovation Bootcamp
Innovation Bootcamp is a 2 day training session for companies looking for critical business solutions via a multidisciplinary approach applying business strategy, innovation, design thinking, technology and prototyping.

Product Testing
Targeted towards that company which has a product that would like the general public to test and try it out.


14Hackathon led by

Private Event Space

Both FabCafe and the two coworking spaces in Barcelona (calle Bailen and Ronda Sant Pau) are spectacular locations to celebrate parties and host private events.

And what makes it so special? We can customize the evening 100% thanks to our in-house production and design squad. You and your team enjoy the night and leave the rest to us: customized catering, ambience, decoration, music, projections and sound, etc.

With capacity from 50 to 200 people (depending on the space) in two of the most historic, scenic locations of Barcelona, we totally adapt to your needs.


10FabCafe Barcelona venue.

Backyard at MOB&PAU



  • FabCafe Global Editorial Team

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    This articles is edited by FabCafe Global.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this article with us.
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