December 22, 2020

Carol Cheung Interview – “Companion” Exhibition featuring Little White

FabCafe Hong Kong just launched the new creator community “Creator’s Spotlight“, which we aim to support and grow the local creative community in Hong Kong. This exhibition is presented by Creator’s Spotlight.

FabCafe Hong Kong is collaborating with Hong Kong illustrator Carol to host the exhibition “Companion” from 15 – 28 December 2020. Under the pandemic, we are all isolated and the companionship with our friends and families had become even more precious. In this Christmas season, Carol is bringing her illustrations to keep you company!

We interviewed Carol to find out more about her and the stories behind her illustrations.

Carol, local illustrator from Hong Kong

Introducing Carol, local illustrator

Carol, who was born in Hong Kong and studied design in the UK, is an illustrator based in Hong Kong. Carol’s interests lay not only in design, she was also influenced by neuroscience and psychology of the mental health through her coursework at King’s College London. Carol is aiming to combine design with psychology and in her exhibition, she focuses on the mental health issues of Hong Kongers, as Hong Kong is known for being a fast paced city where people often ignore their mental health. 

The white bear character that Carol created is called “Little White”. Little White was first presented on her Instagram page in 2017. At first, she wanted to draw the character as a means to share her own stories and express her emotions, and did not consider much from a psychological perspective. But after drawing for 1 – 2 years, she found that actually Little White is more than just a character. He has become a companion for her.

Her drawings have also attracted a number of her readers on Instagram to share their own stories. From that moment, Carol found that her Instagram page has turned into a platform for readers to express themselves freely. Little White is no longer just a companion for herself, but also a companion for many of her readers. This has motivated Carol to continue with her drawing and sharing on Instagram, as she hopes Little White continues to bring comfort to her readers.

  • Glass decoration with cute Little White sticker.

  • There are total of 10 original drawings exhibiting at FabCafe Hong Kong.

  • One of the drawings has been printed in a bigger poster size.

  • There is a comment corner for visitors to write down their wishes in 2021!

“Companion” — a need for everyone under the the stress of the pandemic during Christmas

The exhibition theme “Companion” was inspired by the pandemic situation, when everyone needs a companion under this tough time. Also the exhibition is hosted during Christmas. Carol believed Christmas is the time that is filled with love, which companionship is needed in this season.

Carol said the exhibited drawings are demonstrating different kinds of companionship. There are families, friends, lovers and even only one character in her works. Being alone does not mean lonely, but people you miss could be your companion as well. 

“Look Up To The Sky” by Carol

Carol’s favourite work from this solo exhibition is “Look Up To The Sky”, which was actually not in her original plan. She wanted to emphasize that this is Christmas in Hong Kong so added the Hong Kong street elements to this work. Even though we are physically isolated this year, when you look up, you know we are under the same sky and you are not alone. This is the first time she drew a 360-degree illustration and she found it very challenging but proud to see the final product.

Little White is much more than a character, but a friend to readers

Carol shared that there were a lot of unexpected changes over the years of sharing her works on Instagram. She created Little White as a character to express herself at the beginning. But now many of her readers regard Little White as a trust-worthy friend that they can share their feelings and experiences with. Some of the readers have developed long-term relationships with this platform. Carol received different comments and sharings and started to interact and chat with her readers. 

Meanwhile, there are stories from readers that could be difficult to handle, such as people who have serious mental issues. Carol said it took extra attention to handle those sharings and she needed to consider thoroughly before she replied. She would also seek professional suggestions on how to handle these situations.

About future planning and words to local creators

Regarding her future plans, Carol is hoping to host workshops next year which will be related to art therapy. Meanwhile, she would like to host another exhibition next year that is focusing more on psychological topics, but still using Little White as the character to bring out the message. 

Carol encourages local creators to trust themselves and keep going. There are many other creators out there and some drawing styles might become outstanding in a sudden. But instead of giving up mid-way or changing your drawing style, creators need to believe the messages they bring out from their works and persevere all the way.

There are souvenirs selling during the “Companion” exhibition, including Christmas cards, calendars, memo pads and more! Come and visit this exhibition from 15 – 28 December. Hope to see you there and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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