March 15, 2019

Dripper V60: A project by Ubaldo González for FabCafe Monterrey

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Fabcafe Monterrey is located near one of the most important universities in Mexico. Tecnológico de Monterrey (Monterrey Institute of Technology). Having the university so near to us facilitates collaborations with students and teachers. Architects, industrial designers, even entrepreneurs have entered FabCafe looking to collaborate, and we are always willing to help with their projects! On this interview we talked to Ubaldo González, former industrial design student, recently graduated from Tec de Monterrey, about our most recent collaboration. We were looking to know about his creative process and also share this project with FabCafe’s global community. So here we go!

FabCafe: For which class was this project assigned to you?

Ubaldo González: Professional Insertion, is the last class with a project during college, in which they want the students to learn more about the professional area through a project, in this case a thesis; which the student should be able to show all the skills learned as a designer throughout the entire degree.

FC: What was the brief of your project?

UG: Designing a product kit related with coffee, and easy to remake for FabCafe Monterrey.

FC: What caught your attention from FabCafe or why did you decided to collaborate with FabCafe?

UG: Its global connection and rename made it easy for me to want to collaborate with you guys, also Bety Martínez (former FabCafe team member) made the connection easier. The technologies and fabrication methods that FabCafe has, are very linked to the “maker” side we all have as designers, which is why I found very interesting and enriching to collaborate with FabCafe, I think we both learned a lot with this experience.

FC: Can you explain a bit of your creative process?

UG: First I did some research on the brand FabCafe: colors, fonts, target market etc. Then I started coming up with solutions for coffee products, after prototyping, trial and error and talking to Alex from the FabCafe team, we found some details on the prototype that needed some improvement. So we made the final prototype. Long story, short, the “design thinking” methodology was used, which consists of 5 stages: empathize, define, devise, prototype and test. This methodology is taught to us since the first semesters at college and I think that although you do not know how much it will serve you in the future at the moment of being taught, unconsciously the stages to follow become second nature.

FC: What was the inspiration for your project?

UG: The brand language of FabCafe, also a creative benchmark of forms, materials, designs, assemblies, among other things. First we had to study the brand and see the aspects with the most visual weight, and then transform it following the same design language, in order to create something that correlated with FabCafe’s branding.

FC: How long did the project took you?

UG: Approximately 2 months of hard work. At the beginning of the project I was a little confused about how the project would come about, but thanks to the people who helped me in the process, the journey became easier and more pleasant, it was weeks of constantly going to talk with my advisor Bety and the staff from FabCafe to get feedback, it was an excellent experience.

FC: What was the biggest challenge?

UG: Meeting my professors expectations, I think he had certain ideas in mind that neither me nor Bety agreed with, but in the end it all turned out great, in spite of the limitations. Due to this, we fell back a month and a half, this squeezed the agenda enormously, we had to work in a hurry and manage the time as much as possible.

FC: What was the best part of working in this project with FabCafe Monterrey?

UG: The availability and kindness of all the people who helped me make this project possible, the people I met, and the experience that leaves me as a designer and person, I learned so much and I realized that I need to learn more, I have the desire to continue studying and reading.

FC: How did the project conclude and what do you plan to do with it?

UG: I won the first place in my class, I currently have the project on my desk, and I would like to take the project as far as possible.


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    This articles is edited by FabCafe Monterrey.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this article with us.
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