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April 6, 2021

FabCafe Nagoya to bring Taiwan to Japan during pandemic with TAIWAN CREATIVE FES. 2021

In September last year, Loftwork opened FabCafe Nagoya, the newest branch of FabCafes around the world.

With the mission of bridging the gap between regional communities in Japan with creators in Asia, FabCafe Nagoya will be hosting the Taiwan Creative Fes 2021 during Golden Week this year at Hisaya Odori Park in Nagoya from April 21 to May 21.

Held during the country’s longest holiday of the year, the festival will bring Taiwan to Japan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taiwanese graffiti artist group FLOW DOWN will be hosting their first ever exhibition in Japan at the festival, and the exhibition will be extended to FabCafe Tokyo from June 4 to June 14. Mark your calendars now.

FLOW DOWN members Song, Disk, Philip in front of their work in Taiwan

FabCafe Nagoya special menu of Taiwanese food and tea.

Besides art by FLOW DOWN, the festival will feature pop music inspired by Taiwanese culture and a special menu of Taiwanese food pairing with Oolong tea by LAI HAO Taiwan Gift Shop.

Honey Lager beers by SunMai, a Taiwanese beer brand

Popular Taiwanese beer brand Sun Mai will be putting on a popup station at the cafe, and FabCafe partner Pinkoi, an online marketplace for original designs, will also be giving out free magnets inspired by Taiwanese culture for people who follow their Instagram. The number of free gifts are limited and are first come, first serve.

Magnets by Pinkoi inspired by Taiwanese culture

Although FLOW DOWN are unable to travel to Japan for the festival due to the pandemic, the group are creating brand new pieces for their debut in Japan.

“The members of Flow Down have been fascinated by Japanese culture since childhood. From TV shows and travel, manga to food, everything has held a special spot in our hearts when we were growing up. We have all been to Japan at least twice, and each time we visit, we thoroughly enjoy the atmosphere in Japan,” the group told FabCafe.

“We are very excited for the opportunity to put on our first exhibition in Japan! It’s a pity that we are unable to be there in person due to the pandemic, but we hope that our work will share an authentic taste of Taiwan with our Japanese friends. All the works this time are focused on the daily lives of ordinary people; it may be a little bit messy, some may be a little reckless, but this is the cute temperament that Taiwanese people are proud of. Flow Down hopes to use this opportunity to bring Taiwan and Japan closer in daily dialogues through works that remove a sense of distance,” they added.

All artwork will be available for collection, and merchandise will also be sold for visitors to take home a souvenir from Taiwan.

FLOW DOWN members Song, Philip, Heng, Disk at their studio in New Taipei city.

FLOW DOWN is a creative art space jointly founded by Taiwanese artists Philip, Disk, Song, and a photographer Heng. The group is dedicated to share the graffiti culture in Taiwan with the world and to foster domestic and international graffiti art exchange through online platforms and street exhibitions.

Works by Philip often features animals indigenous to Taiwan, such as the Taiwan bear and Formosan Mountain Dog.

Members have been part of several exhibitions and competitions from the international graffiti art fest POW WOW to exhibitions in countries in Asia such as Hong Kong and Thailand.

Photography by Heng showing the streets of Taipei city at night

Works by members Disk and Song are currently on display as part of Taiwan’s biggest ever graffiti exhibition at Juming Museum in New Taipei. The exhibition features nine local Taiwanese graffiti artists who spray-painted an original mural along two 45-meter long walls of the museum.

A mural by Song on the wall of Jumin Museum in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

A piece by Disk, whose works are inspired by the temples of Taiwan and often features gods and ghosts from Taiwanese culture.

About FabCafe Nagoya

The Taiwan Creative Fes 2021, which will run for two weeks, will be held at FabCafe Nagoya, a central gathering space for the creators.

Located in Oodori Park, the 12th FabCafe in the world and the 4th in Japan was constructed with wood from Hida City, with an intricate ceiling frame made from waste wood from wood and furniture production. 

Furniture such as counters and sofas also transform the disadvantages of curved and waste wood into products that instead bring out and make use of these characteristics.

FabCafe Nagoya

FabCafe Nagoya


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