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October 20, 2020

MAKERLAND FESTIVAL hosted by FabCafe Strasbourg and Les Ateliers Eclairés

On October 3rd and 4th, 2020, Les Ateliers Eclairés, AV Lab and FabCafe Strasbourg hosted the second edition of Makerland, a festival that celebrates DIY, craftsmanship and maker culture! At Makerland 2020, more than fifty independent designers presented their projects, ranging from hand embroidery to mischievous robots to immersive 360 ° projection, to several thousand curious people of all ages. Let’s take a look back at this spectacular edition, where the general public could be wowed by people and initiatives who were promoting production and creativity.

Makerland presented to the visitors an exciting amusement park with moments of sharing, wild inventions, creative projects and positive initiatives.

Makers, artists, inventors, artisans, and creatives are at the Makerland Festival to express their passions and their skills to visitors during the festivities. Sometimes technical, usually fun, always creative, inventions followed one after another. Engaging workshops offered many memories for young and old children!


Front entrance to the Makerland Festival

Wide range of ages and backgrounds joining for a weekend of making and exploration!

Makerland, a festival for the Maker community!

Makerland was also the opportunity to discover a community of VJs gathered under the geodesic dome of the “Programme Immersion”. Indeed, audiovisual art and digital cultures are now an integral part of the contemporary art scene. They are also tools that have taken over our daily lives and transformed the habits of our society. The evolution of audiovisual creation tools produces new challenges, the stage is moving and the VJ is gradually moving towards artistic creation. It is in this kind of innovative context that Makerland host its 2020 edition “Programme Immersion” and its immersive performances!

Performance credits : “111A-L” by Amadeo Savio x Jésus S Baptista for « Le Programme Immersion »)

©Bartosch Salmanski (www.128db.fr)

The Makerland Festival label aims to develop and multiply in other cities in France to build a network of makers and innovators. It celebrates creativity and the makers community.

The maker movement brings together individuals of all ages and all origins wishing to share a know-how, an object or a technique. Makers are curious and passionate citizens-creators who are daring to implement an original idea.

Makerland Festival is part of this movement and aims to highlight these “makers” by showcasing their work at events mixing futuristic utopia, artistic projects, sharing of skills, crafts and entrepreneurship.

More information about « Makerland Festival » please visit maker-land.com

More informations about « Le programme Immersion » please visit www.programmeimmersion.fr 

More information about FabCafe Global » drop us a line! g.info@fabcafe.com


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    This articles is edited by FabCafe Global.

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