YouFab Visual Designs Win Multiple Prizes From International Awards such as THE ONE SHOW

The visual design of YouFab Global Creative Awards won numerous, international design awards such as THE ONE SHOW.

YouFab 2018 Visual Concept

YouFab Global Creative Awards honors and awards creations born from advanced collaboration of digital and physical manufacturing. The poster which is the main visual of the award expresses the “fusion of digital and physical” with the initials of the award title Y and F.

Using 3D physics simulation, we generated typography and bubbles in the form of Y and F in water, and established the distorted beauty on paper. By adopting a special glossy paper and printing technique, we added a sense of physical presence to the inorganic texture. The visual that changes color depending on the viewed angle produces a new expression beyond the domain of digital expression and craft.

This poster was distributed in ten countries and fulfilled its purpose as the main visual of the award.


Introducing the designers!!

Our designer is SHA Inc. ,located in Nakameguro, Tokyo. 

From right to left: Kazushige and Natsuki (SHA Inc) .

Comments from the award-winning project team

Planning, art direction, and design were handled by SHA, inc. They are a Tokyo-based design office in Nakameguro, and they have headed the art direction since the beginning of YouFab.

SHA Inc. won not only with YouFab visual design but also BioClub visual design, which are held in FabCafe MTRL.

Mr. Takebayashi and Ms. Isa gave us their thoughts.


Having the creativity of YouFab and BioClub be recognized by leading international awards is such an honor.

In these past few years, our meetings with YouFab have stimulated us on countless occasions given that it is so different from our specialty, graphic design. This artwork was produced by combining the parched feel of digital media and unique techniques only available to us with physical (printing) media into a new form of artistic expression. By adding programming technology to our graphics, I’m proud to say that we have achieved  something in art that was previously impossible to do with only a single designer. Of course, this would not have been possible without the wonderful creative team we have supporting us. I look forward to continuing my contributions to growing the presence of YouFab and BioClub in the future.

SHA Inc. Kazushige Takebayashi



What I realized during my foray into the world of programming as a graphic designer was that computers are capable of immediately surveying huge amounts of data, something that we humans just can’t do, and how special that was. That process of constructing a design working with that computing power not only formed the basis of our main design for YouFab, but I think it also represents a new method for approaching design in our own way.

Although programming can be put to great use, there needs to be a designer with human eyes and hands to step in and take control of the uncontrollable (water, oil, or things of that nature with an indeterminate form) and produce a strong visual. I these works developed through this process are a wonderful result of two different kinds of creators playing an artistic duet. I’m overjoyed that the results of these experiments have been recognized with an international award, and I’d like to thank Loftwork for providing such a wonderful opportunity. 

SHA Inc. Natsuki Isa


Design Category  Promotional – Posters – Bronze Web
Design Category Typography – Static – Silver Web
Design Category Creft – Printing & Paper Craft – Merit Web
Print & Outdoor Category Craft – Typography – Merit Web

Typography / Posters – Shortlist Web


Project team member

ART DIRECTION / Kazushige Takebayashi   [SHA Inc.]
DESIGN / Natsuki Isa  [SHA Inc.]
PROGRAMMING / Shoya Dozono [Qosmo, Inc.]
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / Mitsuhiro Suwa  [Loftwork inc.]
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / Chiaki Hayashi  [Loftwork inc.]
DIRECTOR / Chiaki Ishizuka  [Loftwork inc.]
PRINTING DIRECTOR / Shunichi Yamashita  [SHOEI inc.]