The much lauded HTC VIVE has come to MTRL KYOTO!

This is an official announcement! This month from the 9th to the 21st, for two weeks the tatami rooms on the second floor of MTRL KYOTO will become a fully equipped VR lab!

Any and all visitors to MTRL KYOTO will be able to test and try out HTC’s brand new virtual reality system, the HTC VIVE. All are welcome, VR first timers, gamers, developers, artists, designers, don’t miss this opportunity to try the device that is setting the standard for immersive experiences in VR.

Valve has kindly supplied us with two HTC VIVE developer kits, and Mouse, a high-end computer producer based in Tokyo has loaned us two top of the line computers with more than enough power to run graphics heavy VR applications.

No reservation is necessary, and there is no additional charge to try the VIVE (MTRL KYOTO’s standard rate for entrance is 500 yen for 45 minutes or 1,800 yen for a whole day).

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Next is an introduction to the people who are making this possible by partnering with MTRL KYOTO on this project.

Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel is a Kyoto based freelance game programmer and designer involved in projects around the world. He has been working with Disney Imagineering on several interactive installations for the past 2 years and has been doing VR development since 2013. He is also part of The Wave where he contributes to the audioreactive VR experience in the HTC Vive.


Atticus Paul Sims

Atticus is an entrepreneur and VR enthusiast. His mission is to create a community of artists in Kyoto who can together explore the new medium of virtual reality art. He is also working to build an organization that seeks to bring the best of Kyoto into the virtual world.


Alessandro de Bellegarde

Alessandro is a filmmaker and VR enthusiast from New York who has been based in Kyoto since 2010. He has directed a wide range of media projects from narrative films to music videos and is deeply committed in the development of VR tech and applications for new media. He seeks to craft high quality virtual assets based in Kyoto to enrich the growing world of VR.


Be sure to stay tuned because we will be announcing more VR related events and collaborations in the coming weeks!